Once a year this stock gives away a ‘Free-money' opportunity - Don't miss it

by , 19 June 2018
Once a year this stock gives away a ‘Free-money' opportunity  - Don't miss it
Once a year I see, what I call, a free-money opportunity.

I’ve seen three of these ’Free money’ trades, since 2016.

The first ‘free-money’ trade came in 2016. You could have bought the stock at R61.18 on 25 January 2016 and closed it at R70.00 on the 16th of May for a 144% return.
Then came 2017, where the same stock brought about the same ‘Free-money’ opportunity. You could have bought it on 17 July at R114.15 and closed it for a 106% gain on 2 October.
And it’s lining up again as a buy now in June 2018!
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You can thank the Stochastic indicator for this Free-money opportunity
The Stochastic indicator is a popular momentum indicator, ranging from 0 to 100. Basically, it tells you when to buy and when to sell.
Simple strategy – Buy at 20 and sell at 80

When the stochastic indicator (Pink line) crosses below the 20 mark, we say the market is oversold.
This is where the sellers are drying up and you can expect the buyers to start buying up the share price again.  
Once you see the indicator touch the 20 mark and cross above it, you’ll have your buy signal.
Once you’re in the trade, and the share price moves up, you’ll then wait and hold onto your position until the Stochastic hits 80.
This will be your sell level where you’ll close your trade for a profit.
The 80 mark is where the market is overbought, where there are less buyers and more sellers taking over.
That’s why you want to sell and exit your position for a profit, before the sellers drive the share price down again.  
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Barloworld is lining up for its next free-money opportunity – don’t miss out
Out of all the stocks on the JSE, Barloworld seems to work the best with the Stochastic indicator.
That’s why I call this trade setup a ‘free-money’ opportunity, as it’s shown to have a 100% win/rate since 2016.
And now that Barloworld has just touched the 20 buy level, we are about to receive yet another ‘free-money’ trade opportunity for 2018.
We just need to wait for the Stochastic to cross above the 20 mark, which will give our confirmation to buy.  
Once this happens, I’ll send out this ‘free-money’ opportunity to my Red Hot Storm Traders where we can all profit.
If you’d like to join in this ‘free-money’ opportunity, click here to get started…
Always remember, “Wisdom yields Wealth” 
Timon Rossolimos,
Managing editor, Red Hot Storm Trader

Once a year this stock gives away a ‘Free-money' opportunity - Don't miss it
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