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One Formula to calculate what you need to recover after a bunch of losing trades

by , 01 October 2020
One Formula to calculate what you need to recover after a bunch of losing trades
Q. “Hi Timon, it's been a tough two months trading, with this sideways market.

Right now, I'm worried because I'm down 15% of my portfolio.

It's entirely my fault as I let my trades run down without a stop loss.

Do you possibly have a calculation that I can use to see how much I need to recover to get my portfolio back to what it was?”

A. Hi Andrew, yes it is most definitely a challenging market environment at the moment.  
I am also currently in a drawdown phase, and so you’re not alone.
NOTE: Drawdown is a drop in portfolio value after one or a series of losses.
However, I’m down 5% of my portfolio which is perfectly normal for any trading strategy.
Right now, it’s very important to keep following your strict money management rules and risk less of your portfolio per trade, during these uncertain times.
To go back to your question. I believe what you’re looking for is what I call a “Drawdown Calculator”.
Here’s the drawdown calculation you can use:
Required gain = [1 ÷ (1 – Percentage loss)] -1
Let’s put in both of our drawdown percentages to see what we need to recover to get our portfolios back to what they were…
Andrew’s drawdown = 15%
Required Gain = [1 ÷ (1 – Percentage loss)] – 1
                     = [1 ÷ (1 – 0.15)] – 1
                     = 17.64%
Timon’s drawdown = 5%
Required Gain = [1 ÷ (1 – Percentage loss)] – 1
                     = [1 ÷ (1 – 0.05)] – 1
                     = 5.26%
This means, Andrew will need to make a 17.64% gain of his portfolio to return his portfolio before the drawdown.
While I’ll need to make a 5.26% gain to restore my original portfolio value.
There are two things I do to protect myself during a drawdown.
First, I lower my risk from 2% down to 1.5% per trade, when the market environment turns ugly.
Second, if my portfolio ever drops below 20% then I stop real trading and I wait for the market to rectify itself…
But I’ll need to write an entire new article around this… Keep reading Trading Tips.
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A. First of all, congratulations on diversifying your portfolio instead of just depending on one income source.
Joshua Benton is the main man who manages the newsletters, and does a fantastic job with both.
With Real Wealth, Joshua uses a strict and specific strategy to find good stocks to invest on the JSE.
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Trade well, 
Timon Rossolimos,
MATI Trader System

One Formula to calculate what you need to recover after a bunch of losing trades
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