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REVEALED: 9 Most Profitable Trading Systems of all Time

by , 07 April 2021
REVEALED: 9 Most Profitable Trading Systems of all Time
You know, I went through my charts last week.

And I was curious to see how my portfolios would have done if I traded a number of other systems.

Now these systems are not thumb-sucked out of thin air.

They are ones I've optimised and back and forward tested since 2008 (When I had the programming skills to do so).

And I adapted them from multi-millionaire dollar traders like Peter L Brandt, Brett Steenbarger, Igor, Mark Douglas, The Turtles and I can go on...

And I have to say, I'm not surprised to see how well they have made consistent returns even 'till now.

I really don't mean to be a spoiler for Saturday but here's a few of the average annual results for 6 profitable trading systems out of the 9 I'll be showing you in detail!
The best track record in our business right now is…
…a trader service called Pickpocket Trader.
It’s on fire!  This quarter we've closed 7 winning trades out of 8. With an average 40.83% gain.
To find out how they’re doing it…and the pickpocket trades they’re targeting right now… click here…
Moving Average
(Crossovers – Under/Over)
(RSI, Stochastics, MACD)
Price action
(Candlestick charting)
Return: 37%
VSA (Volume Spread Analysis)
(buy & sell decisions on volume and price)
Return: 34%
(Always in the market long and short)
Return: 54%
(Buy & sell in between the ranges)
Return: 20%
EXCITED to grow your money in 2021?
Join my webinar and in just two hours, you’ll have the tools to make money year after year – not just 2021!
One seminar and you walk away with
9 profitable trading strategies!
Now I know you must be thinking…
WHAT? And how on earth do I learn these systems.
Well, that’s why I’m saving it for the event…
I can't write a whole article on how these systems work.
It will take forever. And it'll definitely get lost in translation.
You deserve to see them all in action!
I guarantee, you will most definitely resonate and adapt with at least two systems, which you can add to your trading life.
And one of them, you might even optimise and improve to achieve a higher annual return.
That's why I am prioritizing for my Trading Tips readers, to secure their online spots on Saturday, before it goes out to tens of thousands of other readers.
I want it personal so I can help answer all your burning questions even if we go over time...
Trade well, 
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader 

REVEALED: 9 Most Profitable Trading Systems of all Time
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