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Revealed! My new target for Gold!

by , 21 September 2017
Revealed! My new target for Gold!
Gold is a funny creature.

When the stock markets perform well, you'll see gold sleeping.

When the economy is stable, the world at peace and there is nothing troubling in the media - it's like gold doesn't exist.

And what I mean by this is that, gold goes sideways.

But right now, as global turmoil rises, North Korea threatens a nuclear war, economies crumble as global debt accelerates and terror attacks become commonplace, gold is dusting itself off and proffering a safe haven to fearful investors…

Here's how to bank a triple digit gain from this waking metal.


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Why gold is ready to be a safe haven again
On Tuesday, Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen of the Reserve Bank said the US economy is showing slow growth.
And she mentioned the unrest with the delayed health care bill in the USA.
Republicans and Democrats are still having doubts about the health care bill President Trump wishes to implement.
The US Dollar took a hit, which caused a shakedown of all major currencies. This caused turbulence with most of our currency pairs.
And for the first time in five years, we’ve seen some major activity in hard assets again – particularly gold.
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For the first time in five years, gold is showing strong upside to $1,707

The above chart shows gold’s action for the last five years from 2012 up to 2017.
The low is at $1,047 and the high is above $1,800.
For the last five years however, gold has been in a sideways range between $1,047 and $1,377.
Now as a break out trader, you should normally wait for a breakout between this range. This is so you can follow the direction of the breakout to profit.
However, there are signs that show gold is choosing a direction – up.
We know this because since November 2016, gold has been making higher lows (White line). This in its own way, has been forming an uptrend within the five-year range.
And with the world in shambles, you can expect gold to come back as a safe haven.

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Why gold is set to hit $1,707 an ounce 
Once gold breaks out of the range pattern, we can see the price going back to near all-time highs again.
To calculate this we use the range-breakout formula.
Target for gold=High price of range + (High price of range – Low price of range)
                       =$1,377 + ($1,377 - $1,047)
                      =$1,377 + $330
And so this is how I calculate my next target for gold of $1,707.
How to profit from gold
There are many ways to profit from gold but most of them take a long time. I’m talking about  gold coins, gold stocks, gold ETFs and even gold bullion.
Of course, you can climb on board with the new breakthrough currency Bitcoin but this could be a profitable but turbulent ride.
Or you can profit from the short term breakouts and upsurge in the gold price right now using my favourite instrument, CFDs.
Right now, I’ve got my sights on a sweet little gold trade that I expect to generate a triple digit return in a matter of days.
And it’s not the only one.
I expect to bag at least four more of these trades in the next 90 days and I am willing to share them with you absolutely free – but only over the next 90 days starting today!
Note from the author: I’m not the only who believes gold will soar again. My colleague and editor of Real Wealth has just released the June issue where he reveals three reasons why gold could soar over the next ten or five years. Click here to find out more.

Revealed! My new target for Gold!
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