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Sceptical Sam's sole goal was to prove my Forex strategy wrong - But he ended up growing his portfolio by 30%

by , 01 February 2016

Sam attended my Forex 101 Workshop last year. On the day, I gave him a profitable Forex strategy I've used over the last 12 years. At the end of the workshop, Sam came to me with the stink eye. He didn't believe it was that easy to make money from the Forex markets. That night he went home with the sole goal to prove my strategy wrong. Last week I got an email from Sam with good news. He told me his portfolio grew 30% since the seminar.

Here are the details...
Sam scrutinized every chart he could find to make sure it was a ‘losing’ strategy

Before I continue, it may help putting things in perspective by describing Sam.

Sam is a semi-retired property investor, where he works around two hours a week. The rest of the time he enjoys spending with friends, working on his garden of bonsais and reading as much as he can to keep his mind active.

When Sam got home at around 14:35pm on Saturday, he wanted to try out the Forex strategy for himself. He was eager to test it out while the information was fresh in his mind.

Sam had around R30,000 in his account that he was willing to gamble. And so in his mind, he had nothing to lose emotionally.

He opened his Forex platform and added the currency pairs I recommended on his watch list.

I told him as long as he followed the strategy to a T, he should grow his portfolio within three months.

And that’s how he came to try prove my strategy wrong.

He set up the charts according to the strategy and opened one of the tools I gave him to jot down his trades.

Then it was show time.

Sam lost money in the first three days of trying out the strategy – but he didn’t give up

For the first three days, Sam made 7 Forex trades.

3 winners and 4 losers.

His portfolio was down 2% already. Even though he was down on his portfolio, he was impressed how little he was losing.

He thought that he be down around 20% by that time. And so, something changed within Sam’s mind.

Four weeks later, Sam’s portfolio was up 10%, and his doubt was starting to turn into belief.

He told me that spending time trading the Forex market was the most fun he’s had in years. But more importantly, he was proud that he was following the trading strategy according to the criteria.

And to cut a long story short, I received an email which said…

If Sam can do it after six months, I’m pretty sure you can too!

I’ve decided to run the Forex 101 Workshop again that Sam attended.

And because it’s early in the year, you can prepare your portfolio for the extra income.

Feel free to click here and I’ll see you on Saturday 20 February 2016.

Always remember,

"Wisdom yields wealth"

Timon Rossolimos
Senior Editor: Trading Tips 
Head Analyst: Red Hot Storm Trader
Author:          94 Top Trading Lessons of All Time 

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Sceptical Sam's sole goal was to prove my Forex strategy wrong - But he ended up growing his portfolio by 30%
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