Sell in May and go away...I don't think so!

by , 14 May 2018
Sell in May and go away...I don't think so!
The time has finally arrived.

This powerful indicator just revealed the JSE is set to rocket to new highs and it's all going to happen in May!

I'm getting three clear signals that there are some serious profits to be made in May and not just on the ALSI but specifically on two retail and two banking companies.

Let me show you what I mean…
It’s hard to believe that most people haven’t heard of this trading secret…
But by clicking on the link above, and reading the short report, you’ll get to be one of the very few people to find out how to use it to pocket huge pay-outs from the markets…
And the best of it is, those profits could come into your account every single week.
Indeed, the trader behind this report has been doing it for 15 years…
But he’s finally making it public.
The powerful indicator that has revealed four new profit-opportunities
I’m talking about the Relative Strength Index (RSI).
Sounds complicated but it’s not. What it does is measures the speed and change of share price movements.
And if you know how to use it, it can help you predict which way the market will go.
When these three particular signals line up on the RSI, they tell me there’s a buying opportunity:
Signal 1: The RSI rises above 50, you’re in buying territory
Signal 2: The RSI makes higher lows…
Signal 3: The RSI breaks through its resistance level
Technical mumbo jumbo I know but trust me – all you need to know is its happening.
Here are the three signals in action on the JSE –ALSI index RSI chart! 

With these three signals now in play, we are going to see the JSE rocket up. I predict as high as 55,996.  
There’s some serious profits to be made if you know what to trade.
Very soon, controversial new legislation will come into effect:  
And it could cause the price of one little-known stock to explode.
Investors who move before then could see gains of as much as 120% in the next 12 months.
Four profit opportunities uncovered!
The JSE-ALSI is the main index I watch when looking for trades. Typically, when the ALSI goes up, there are two main sectors that go up with it.
The banking and retail sectors.
I’ve  got two banking stocks and two retail stocks on my radar right now. Of course, if you opted to buy the stock, then you are likely to realize a meagre 3% or 4% gain. But if you trade a powerful instrument like CFD’s, you’ll be able to lock in over 30% to 40% per trade, in the month of May!
When each of these stocks hit my buy level, I’ll be messaging my Red Hot Storm Trader readers so they can reap the profits. Why not join them to share in the profits?
Always remember, “Wisdom yields Wealth” 
Timon Rossolimos,
Managing editor, Red Hot Storm Trader
P.S: I’ve just written my new trading book called – Trading Made Simple - “Use this breakthrough strategy to make 18%, 38% even 60% returns every 7-21 days… whether the stock market goes up OR down”. If you join now, I’ll send you my book for FREE where you can boost your chances of trading success.
P.P.S: I have to warn you I only am giving away 100 copies of the book to the most profit driven traders, so you need to secure your copy now…

Sell in May and go away...I don't think so!
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