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Six “AMAZING” Reasons To Join Timon's Red Hot Storm Trader Service TODAY

by , 18 May 2020
Six “AMAZING” Reasons To Join Timon's Red Hot Storm Trader Service TODAY
I received an email the other day from David Deebs…

I'll leave you with the question he asked which I'm sure will resonate with a lot of my Trading Tips members…

“Timon, I’m still umming and ahhing whether this Red Hot Storm Trader Service is what I’ve been looking for to generate an extra income for my future. I think the final decider will be when I see WHY this is what I need to finally become a profitable and successful trader… Could you tell me a couple of AMAZING reasons why I should be a member of Red Hot Storm Trader?”
~David Deebs, KZN
Timon Rossolimos – Analyst – Red Hot Storm Trader
Before I answer this… I just want to mention to new members what Red Hot Storm Trader is in a nutshell…
Red Hot Storm Trader is an online email and SMS service that provides real-time trade ideas to help anyone learn and profit from local stocks and indices using a proven two-decade old profitable breakout trading strategy.
Let’s not waste any of your time and get straight to the top six reasons why I believe you should be a Red Hot Storm Trader today.
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AMAZING Reason #1:
You profit when the market rallies or crashes
The service is completely MARKET NEUTRAL.
I don’t care whether the markets skyrocket or plunge.
You’ll be able to take the opportunity to ride and profit from whichever way the trend direction heads. 
AMAZING Reason #2:
Bank 10 times more money with each trade
This is not investing where you buy 1 share and be exposed to 1 share worth.
No, this is trading where you can buy 1 share worth and be exposed to 10 times more.
Which means 10 times more profits!
When you become a Red Hot Storm Trader, you’ll learn all about the power of gearing and how you can make potentially 10X morewith each trade you take…
AMAZING Reason #3:
There are Hardly ANY costs
As you’re making a simple bet on a market direction, rather than owning actual shares or anything tangible, you won’t have to worry about paying any costs.
This includes:
No Capital Gains Tax
No Stamp duty
No high brokerage
No Securities transfer tax
AMAZING Reason #4:
 Follow a proven and profitable 20 year system 
This isn’t like investing where you buy and hold a market for years on end.
This is where I’ll spot high profitable trading opportunities on a daily basis. 
There is NO guesswork.
There is NO emotional decision making.
There is NO stress involved.
There is NO trial and error.
And this isn’t an umming and ahhing service.
Each buy and sell trading opportunity I spot, will instantly come from a carefully structured 20 year proven & profitable tested system with strict criteria.
And then, rinse and repeat… Over and over again…
AMAZING Reason #5:
This will only take 10 minutes a week
This opportunity really does have so much potential with so little effort.
This isn’t the type of trading where you need to be glued in front of your screen for hours a day, stressing about the high number of trades you need to take…
No, this service will show you how it will only take you around 10 minutes to action your high probability trade a week – and then you get on with the rest of your day.
AMAZING Reason #6:
You could bank R20,852 from the next 7 trades
This year we’ve seen stock markets crash to levels we’ve never seen before (including during the Great Depression).
Clearly, the COVID-19 era is one that has affected every single person in this world. However, with my Red Hot Storm Traders’ it fortunately has made a positive and a profitable impact.
In fact, the last seven trades have yielded seven winning trades out of eight with a 417% accumulated gain.
And now with the stocks turning up once again, it looks like our winning streak has just begun. In fact, this is why I would like you to be a part of this profitable journey with me.
If these reasons fit in with what you’re trying to achieve for your financial freedom, then I urge you to join Red Hot Storm Trader today with a 90-day Money Back Guarantee… 
Trade well,
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader

Six “AMAZING” Reasons To Join Timon's Red Hot Storm Trader Service TODAY
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