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Thanks to this bearish pattern the JSE is going up, up, up

by , 05 February 2019
Thanks to this bearish pattern the JSE is going up, up, up
I'm sure you're thinking, WHAT!?

Normally when you hear of a bearish pattern, you'd expect a market to drop in price.

So how can I expect the JSE to rise?

Today I'm going to explain my unusual prediction on the JSE and how you can bank a 664% gain.

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Onto the next prediction for 2019…
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Why we can expect the JSE to fly this year
Last year was a turbulent year for the JSE. We saw the index shedding 11.37% making it the worst five-year period for the JSE in fifty years.  
Many analysts are expecting a strong recovery from here thanks to three main positive aspects.
1. Confidence rises as the elections are around the corner
With the upcoming election coming up, should provide a positive catalyst to South Africa. 
There is a clear mandate for President Ramaphosa which should usher-in-bolder stage 2 reforms from May 2019. This could bring about a strong boost of consumer and investor confidence, investment spending and household expenditure.   
2. Inflation is coming down and the economy will rise 
The SARB has finally lowered their consumer price inflation forecast for 2019 from 5.5% to 4.8%.:
This is mainly due to the drop in the oil price from $73 per barrel to $62 and also with the rand appreciation versus the US dollar and the Euro. 
These contributing factors will result in more consumer spending which will help the economy grow and the markets to fly.    
3. The charts show a huge rise on the JSE in 2019 
The JSE Top 40 (ALSI) in the longer term has been forming what’s known as a descending Triangle since 2017.
This bearish pattern tells me the JSE is heading up!

This is where the price continues to make lower highs while it bounces on a strong support (floor level) at 44,207.
Now we can expect the price to continue up in the next few weeks until it hits the next high level, before it turns down once again.  
This gives us the perfect opportunity to profit from this bearish pattern. 
The JSE Top 40 index has just bounced on its support level which means, it’s on its way up to 52,800 which is the next lower high.
While the JSE continues to bounce between this range, we can profit from the upside in the meantime.
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Here are two ways you can profit from the ALSI's upside
First you can buy the ALMI CFDs and hold it out until it hits the next target at 52,800, where you can bank a chunk up to a 664% gain. 
Or you can simply click here and I'll send you a trade signal on not only the ALSI, but also from companies that will rise when the ALSI rises.  
It could be a trade based on any companies from the banking, industrial, retail or resource sector.  
Who ever thought we could profit from buying a pattern that looks so bearish?
“Wisdom yields Wealth”
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader

Thanks to this bearish pattern the JSE is going up, up, up
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