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The 5 best Trading Robots in 2022

by , 20 February 2022
The 5 best Trading Robots in 2022
In our QA mailbox this past week...

Q. “I've been reading lately about trading bots and how they are designed to take trades without you having to look at a screen. I have a full-time job and I'm wondering if you know any trading bots that can run my trading account. Also, how would you go about trading with robots at a beginner level?”
A. As technology improves each year, we will start to see more and more automations when it comes to our trading.
Before I answer the question, I first want to explain what a trading robot is.
A trading robot is more formally known as an Expert Advisor or EA Advisor.
This is basically an automated system which watches the markets for you and shows you entry and exit signals based on the criteria you set.
In other words, an EA robot uses different calculations and algorithms to look for profitable trades which you can set automatically (within agreed parameters).
With a robot you’ll be able to automate your trading process, without your emotional bias and it will monitor the markets for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with some markets i.e. crypto.
Before you trade any robot, you’ll need to do some research and gain some experience with a small account first, to fully understand how automation trading works.
In the near future, I believe artificial intelligence and machine-learning will become more and more popular.
In fact, we’ll all be able to automate most of our systems. Even my low risk- 5 breakout pattern MATI Trader System.
There are many different EA robots you can choose from, but here are my top 5 in 2022.
Commodities Boom?  What Commodities boom...
We're talking about five quality companies who sit on bargain PE’s, generate tons of cash and rake in huge profits... from commodities!
And there are a couple of BIG dividends payers too.
More importantly, if our team at FSPInvest''s estimates are right, you could be looking at a 94% average return per stock!
GPS Forex Robot
This is a highly developed and new innovative program that allows you to constantly monitor the market in the background.
Even if you don’t have a system yet, you can choose up to 12 different trading styles and strategies to see which one suits you best.
1000pip Climber System
Another great trading robot you can look into is the 1000pip Climber System. It is one that is independently verified by MyFXBook and has a very easy user-face any beginner will be able to use without any minimum deposit.
MT 4 or 5
MT4 or 5 (Formally known as MetaTrader) is widely used by traders world-wide including South Africa.
It’s as simple as logging into your account with your chosen broker, going to “Navigation” and clicking the Expert Advisors” tab.
Next you set the parameters of your chosen and proven trading system and let the market take over…
EA Builder
This EA robot lets traders create their own indicators and strategies without any programme knowledge.
It has an easy interface with a whole bunch of rules and algorithms you can trade and set with a few clicks.
Best thing about it is, it’s a web-based programme that doesn’t need any installation and it works perfectly with MetaTrader 4 + 5 as well as TradeStation.
With the minimum deposit, this depends on the broker you are with and the platform you’re using.
AvaTrade is another leading broker which I have high regard for.
Not only does it provide you with a whole bunch of trading education material and expert advisory robots, but it is also linked to MT4 and MT5 to guide you through the EA learning process…
You can even get started with a demo-account to test your robot trading before you even commit any funds.
The choice is yours…
Are you looking for a proven trading strategy?
I’ve been trading successfully for the past 18 years using my proven low-risk, Five pattern breakout strategy.
It’s allowed me to live my best life.  I now live in Greece and travel regularly to Europe and SA (subject to Covid restrictions of course).
Trading has given me the freedom to make my own choices, I’m my own boss and I can come and go as I please…
If you interested in finding out how to start living the Trader Life, then go here
Which is the best EA Robot for trading in my opinion?

I personally like to choose EA robots that are already connected to my brokers.
For example, If I signed up with QuickTrade, TradeNation or IronFX, I would know I can set my EA robot with MT4 and MT5.
I wouldn’t need to worry about opening new accounts or platforms…
Also, I’d start off with a small account, do as much research as I can for each EA and then test it out and see if it’ll help me with my trading…

The 5 best Trading Robots in 2022
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