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The ALSI 40 sideways trend is over and there's a great trade lining up

by , 22 September 2017
The ALSI 40 sideways trend is over and there's a great trade lining up
Last year in almost every webinar I gave with Red Hot Storm Trader, I always spoke about where the ALSI 40 (All Share Index Top 40 Companies) was at.

Basically, the entire year I said that the index was going one way.


In fact, the ALSI40 started at 44,500 and ended the year at 44,500.

So you can say, the index went nowhere.

But the index has finally broken out of this sideways trend and as a result delivered me a fantastic trade.

In fact, if my prediction is right, the ALSI40 will rally 2,964 points and bank you a 64% gain in just two months.

Let me explain…

The ALSI 40 big wedge formation offers a great trade opportunity

The wedge pattern is a very distinct pattern that traders’ use world-wide.
Basically, in the chart above, you can see the ALSI 40 was moving in a sideways channel. That sideways channel has a resistance line (ceiling) and a support line (floor). And from May 2016 to the beginning of January 2017, it was moving between these two levels.
This distinct movement between the levels, over a number of months, tells me this formation is a wedge pattern.
Until the second week of January 2017 came. 
We saw the price of the ALSI 40 pierce right through the resistance line.
Clearly, momentum was stronger on the upside.
This tells you that there was high demand for the ALSI40. And going back to Economics 101, when there’s higher demand, you can expect the price to rocket.

Why I expect the ALSI 40 to rocket 2,964 points from here

Here’s another rule of thumb with the wedge pattern.
Once, the price breaks out of the wedge pattern above the resistance, the target will be for the price to reach the top of the wedge formation.
Which in this case for the ALSI 40 is at 48,597.
This is exactly 2,964 points or a 6.49% move from its current level (45,633).
And if you play your cards right, and you use a derivative like the ALMI CFD, you can bank a 64.9% gain.
But for more information on how this works exactly, you can learn all about these profitable setups with my Red Hot Storm Trader Service.
Click here for more information.
“Wisdom yields Wealth”

Timon Rossolimos
Head of trading, FSPInvest.co.za

PS: With the Red Hot Storm Trader service, we’ve already banked a 72.36% gain for 2017. Don’t miss out on another trade, click here to get started.

The ALSI 40 sideways trend is over and there's a great trade lining up
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