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The only three patterns you'll ever need to be a winning trader

by , 29 May 2014

Many new traders believe that you need as many indicators as possible to have a winning trading strategy.

But I've found that the more indicators you flood your charts with, the more chances you'll end up losing money.

And at the end of the day, you'll end up feeling confused about where to start.

But today I want to take away confusion and doubt and show you how you can make huge profits with a simple strategy using just three simple patterns.

Let me explain…

Learn my pattern strategy that’s been used to bank over 251.06% gains!

What if I told you that with just three simple patterns you can bank yourself to trading success?

Well that’s exactly what I’ve done for many years.

These three patterns have helped my Red Hot Storm Trader subscribers bank over 251.06% gains this year alone.

So what patterns am I talking about? Just take a look at the charts below.

All of these three patterns work on the same principle: The break-out trading strategy.

Basically, a break-out trading strategy is where you identify a pattern forming and then wait for the price to break out of this pattern.

As soon as the price breaks out of the pattern, that’s where you’ll get in on your trade and set your trading levels (take-profit and risk levels).

If this is all a bit confusing for you, on Saturday the 17th of May 2014 I explained this trading approach in great detail to the 112 attendees
at the Accelerated Investor Pro Live workshop.

It was a fantastic day where expert speakers revealed their profitable ideas ranging from investment methods and portfolio diversification. And not to mention, the delicious gourmet meals served.

Here are a few things our guests had to say about the event…

If you didn’t join us at the event, you still can – See how simple it is to profit from my three patterns!

Don’t worry if you missed out, because you can still be part of the action.

We’ve recorded the entire event where you can learn all of these profit strategies and my pattern trading strategy too!

So if you’d like to learn how these three patterns work in your own home then click here now and order the Accelerated Investor Pro Live DVD.

Always remember,

“Wisdom yields Wealth”

PS: Here are a few shots of what this exclusive group of investors experienced at the FSP Invest Accelerator Investor Pro Live

Jonathan Bachrach Editor of Fast Track Millionaire ready to take the stage

Timon Rossolimos and Warren Jeffery answering burning trading questions

Gavin Fourie Imara S.P Reid, Francois Joubert (Editor for Red Hot Penny Shares) and Warren Jeffery (Editor for The South African Investor) tackling some investment questions

Aiden Sookdin (warm and welcoming MC of the day), Mark Weetman (CEO of Vunani Private clients) and Jody our friendly product assistant enjoying the ambience of the event

Everyone enjoying a full course meal outside the event

Investors concentrating and writing notes about different ways to invest for their financial future

Aiden Sookdin and Robson (friendly representative) who made the event extra special and memorable 

Leigh-Anne Arthur (the event manager who brought it all together) and I enjoying a cup of coffee

Here I am meeting some of our loyal and friendly guests which was an absolute pleasure! 

The only three patterns you'll ever need to be a winning trader
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