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The school of Blackjack: Part 1 - How to beat the casino

by , 22 September 2017
The school of Blackjack: Part 1 - How to beat the casino
Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be introducing you to the popular casino game known as Blackjack.

Why Blackjack over Poker? Or even Roulette?

Well the simple answer is, it's the one casino game the house has the least control over the outcome.

It's also the game that can help you pocket a decent amount of money, in a short time.

For example, last week, I managed to turn R200 into R900 just playing the R50 tables.

That managed to not only pay for my dinner and a movie for two, I also walked away with a little extra pocket money.

Sounds great right?

So let's get started…

Black Jack 101 - How the game is played

Firstly, Blackjack is played on a table that seats a maximum of seven players, but that doesn’t mean you alone can’t play against the dealer. It just holds a maximum of seven players.
A dealer is then supplied by the casino who is the ONLY person who touches the cards that are dealt.
So don’t touch the cards or the dealer will assume you are cheating, this is both a rookie error and embarrassing, trust me.
But first it is vital to understand that the players are not trying to beat each other, like you’d do in poker, but each player is trying to beat the dealer.
So never worry about the player’s hand sitting next to you, always keep your attention on the dealer.
The game starts when the dealer deals out a minimum of two to a maximum of seven hands, this means if you’re the only player sitting at the table you have to play a minimum of TWO hands or boxes to start the game.
A box is simply the name given to the square in front of each seat, where the player’s cards will be dealt.

The magic number “21” when it comes to winning at Blackjack

The object of the game, from the player’s point of view, is to get closer to 21 than the dealer, without exceeding 21.
Before the dealer deals out he checks who has placed a stake (bet) in the box, only then does he deal the cards in a CLOCKWISE motion, so wait your turn.
The dealer then deals one card face-up to all the players and himself. He then deals another round to all the players face-up followed by one more cards to himself, this time face-down.
Now going back to the objective of the game if you get closer to 21 than the dealer then you win, if the dealer is closer to 21 then you lose, but if the dealer and you both have the same total the hand is declared a standoff and you retain your initial stake (bet). 

“So where’s the skill in winning Blackjack?”

Well the real skill comes knowing when to take a card and when to stand on your existing total. Basically when to “HIT” and when to “STAND”.
This is the only casino game where the player has more control over their destiny when playing against the casino.
This is your best bet to get one over the casino’s. But only if you take the time and effort to get better at this wonderful game.
In the next lesson we’ll be teaching you about Hitting and Standing so keep an eye out for your next School of Blackjack.

Chris Ammon
The Winning Streak Team 

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The school of Blackjack: Part 1 - How to beat the casino
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