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The secret signal that could bank you your next small fortune

by , 11 December 2018
The secret signal that could bank you your next small fortune
Normally when a trader takes a trade, they follow a specific trading plan with strict entry, exit and money management rules.

I do exactly the same thing, but with a twist.

What if I told you I have a secret signal, you can use to increase your chances of profiting from a trade.

Today, I'm going to let you in on this secret signal and tell you how to increase your chances of success with each trade.

Let me show you what I mean…

Imagine turning R5,000 into a R20,142.86 pay day...
in just a few weeks.
Now, imagine doing that 10 times a year... while at the same time putting a steady stream of double-digit profits in your pocket... gains like 60.75% in 39 days… 99.18% in 22 days... and 57.64% in 6 days.
You’re about to learn how you can book gains just like these… month in and month out… whether the markets are rising or falling. 
The secret profit signal that caused Mondi to drop in price
Since May 2018, the paper and packaging company, Mondi was bouncing up and down on a strong level at R325.00.
You can think of the R325 level as a layer of thin ice, as you can see in the above chart.
The more times it touched and tested this level, the thinner and weaker it became.
In fact, the general rule of thumb is, if there are more than four touches on any given price level you can expect a break to the downside.  
Last month, we finally saw Mondi break below this crucial R325 level.
This break down in price confirmed that there were more sellers than there were buyers.
However, this break below the R325 level was not enough information, to get into this short (sell) trade.
There was another external factor that I needed to take this short trade.  
I call it my…
“Secret confirmation trading signal”.
The secret trading signal is simple. Basically, you’ll look up any potential news event that confirms your trade bias.
In this case, we would look for a significant news event that could lead to a drop in price.
And because we were looking at a share listed on the JSE, you would use SENS (Stock Exchange News Service) as your confirmation trading signal.  
Before I sent out the Mondi short trade, I checked on SENS to see if there was any negative news that could cause the share to drop even further where we could profit.
The news event was that Mondi was planning to dump its dual listing structure for a primary listing in London.
This is obviously a negative news announcement as you can imagine how there’ll be less exposure and business operated offshore which means less revenue.
And so, I had my two signals to show this was a great profitable trade to take.
1. Technical – Mondi broke below a strong level, R325, for the first time since May 2018.
2. Fundamental – Mondi had a negative news event which could very likely cause the share price to drop further. 3.
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These are the no brainer trades – YOU NEED TO WATCH OUT FOR
When you have a technical pattern lined up according to your strategy AND you have a fundamental reason to go short, these are the confirmation signals you’ll need to enter these trades.
My members were able to get into the Mondi short trade at R324 and, in just 11 working days, out at R315 for a 27.78% gain.
A small fortune using just an extra secret signal.
Now that you have the secret confirmation signal that I use to spot high profitable trades on the JSE, you can go out and use SENS for whenever a trade lines up as your confirmation signal.
“Wisdom yields Wealth”
Timon Rossolimos,

The secret signal that could bank you your next small fortune
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