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The ‘September Effect'

by , 11 September 2019
The ‘September Effect'
Q. “I heard there is an anomaly event that takes place in September which traders should be wary of. Could you explain what the ‘September Effect' is and why they believe it is a bad month for investing in stocks.”

A. September has been known over the last 100 years as the worst performing month for stocks, due to two main reasons…

First, investors are worried about upcoming third-quarter earnings and the end of summer sales. So, they tend to avoid buying stocks, and instead hold onto their cash, which leads to a drop in stock prices.

Second, it is believed most investors in September return from their summer vacation and are ready to lock in gains as well as tax losses before year end to pay for their children's' school fees, properties and other yearly obligations.

If you'd like to know whether the ‘September Effect' is true or not, we'll tackle that issue in next week's article. So, make sure you set a reminder for 8AM on Monday and add us to your contact list if you haven't done so already.
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Q. Apparently we can expect local and global stocks to recover and head up due to the optimism of the high-level-talks about the US-Trade war that will be taking place in early October… Could you explain what high-level-talks are and why it is bringing a sudden optimism to the markets?”
A. Whenever you read an article or a statement about the US and China holding high-level-talks, it means that they will discuss the generalities rather than the small details of the trade war.
It will involve a formal meeting with the upper levels of government including the presidents.
We don’t know exactly what they will be negotiating however the ministry did state that both countries have expressed a desire for a trade-war de-escalation to create “favourable conditions” for the US-China import and export situation.
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Q. “Instead of buying individual crypto-currencies, is there an ETF or an instrument where I can be exposed to the highest-market cap cryptos?”
A. As far as I know, the best and the most popular ETF you can buy is called the DCX10 (DCX Capital 10).
This is a digital token that represents an index with the performance of the top 10 cryptocurrencies, by market-cap, in the world including…
Source: DCX.Capital
The company essentially buys the relevant crypto-currencies that make up the Top 10 index, and so when you buy the index, you’re indirectly owning the underlying coins as a result.
Trade well,
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The ‘September Effect'
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