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The single most important chart for 2017

by , 25 October 2017
The single most important chart for 2017
In two minutes, you'll see a chart most financial advisors will never show you…

You could use it to quickly find huge gain opportunities.

In fact, your gains could start TODAY.

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Let me get straight to the point…
I'm looking for a select group of people to join me in making some very large sums of money.
Whether you're a complete novice to trading or already have experience, I can show you how to make substantial gains every few weeks of the year with just a few minutes' work.
I can guarantee it will be one of the most exciting and exhilarating experiences of your life!
Gains such as:
20.48% from African Rainbow in just 12 days
23.49% from Mondi in just 18 days
28.38% from Discover in just 10 days
20.20% from Pick n Pay in just 11 days
12.60% from Truworths in just six days
23.15% from Anglo in just 3 days
46.04% from Shoprite in just 7 days
18.48% from Billiton in just 14 days
29.46% from Discovery in just 17 days
It may sound like a pipe dream - But let me assure you, these gains are real and well within your reach.
And that's just the beginning of how this gravy train can work for you. This coming year we're looking to make some even bigger gains.
So how do I rake in these gains?
With my unique system and one important one chart…
This one simple chart could make you rich.
Most financial advisors – the kind that sell you life insurance and expensive pension plans - won’t ever show you this chart.
But I am prepared to turn this chart into gains
I’ve been doing it for years…
Over and over again.
In fact, a select group of market-watchers who follow my research have had the chance to play this chart for consistent, repeatable gains throughout 2017.
Take a look for yourself…
The single most important chart you’ll need to succeed

It might look like an ordinary chart at first.
Has time and price.
But if you look carefully, you’ll see it’s the ONE thing I add every single time I take a trade.
It’s called the Risk to reward ratio.
The risk to reward ratio basically tells you how much money you’re hoping to gain, relative to the amount of money you’re prepared to lose…
It’s critical that you understand this risk to reward ratio because when you use it properly, you’ll see that it will cut your losses and maximise your profits.
Here are the specifics for the trade which you’ll need to understand before we delve deeper into the risk to reward ratio.
Stop loss=R56.22
Take profit R60.70.
So we got in at R57.80, put our risk level at R56.22 and our take profit at R60.70.
Next we plug in those values into the ratio.
The Risk to Reward calculation that qualifies your high probability trade!
(Take profit – Entry) ÷ (Entry – Stop Loss)
=(R60.70 – R57.80) ÷ (R57.80 – R56.22)
This should tell you that you’d gain 1.8 times as much as you were willing to lose!
And here’s my little secret!
If you only take trades where the risk to reward ratio is more than 1.5, then you’ll be even more profitable over the long term.
Anything less than 1.5 and you’ll see that you risk as much as you’re willing to make. In the long run, this is very often another losing strategy.
Just by using the rule this year alone, I’ve managed to help my Red Hot Storm Traders bank 738.46% accumulative gains…

The single most important chart for 2017
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