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This is how my Forex traders banked a 15% gain in just one day!

by , 22 September 2017
This is how my Forex traders banked a 15% gain in just one day!
On 23 February 2017, one of my Six Forex Profit Patterns was staring at me in the face…

It's been ages since I last saw this formation line up and so, without hesitation, I told my Forex Trader subscribers to get in on the action…

And you're not going to believe this!

In just one day, my Forex Traders walked away with a 15% gain.

I don't want you to miss out on these profit opportunities, so let me introduce you to…

The formation that can bank you 15% in a matter of hours

Since Thursday 23 February 2017, I’ve been watching the AUD/USD (Australian Dollar against the US Dollar) unfold this profit pattern throughout the day.
It completed this profit pattern on the same day (23 February 2017), where it looked like my Cup and Handle formation.
Take a look at here so you can see what I mean.

The chart might look Greek to you, but all you need to know is this…
A Cup and handle formation (pink) formed and the price broke above the brim level ($0.7705).
Since 23 February 2017 (1am), the AUD/USD was bouncing on a strong resistance (ceiling level) at 0.7705. And on 23 February 2017, it happened.
At 13:45pm, the price of the AUD/USD broke above the strong resistance, which signaled more upside to come.
I immediately sent a trade to Forex Traders to get into the AUD/USD.
In just one day on 24 February 2017, the market flew and we banked a 15% gain, which you can see in the below chart. 

This is just one of the six profit patterns I use to generate Forex profits
I’ve really just touched the surface of the Cup and Handle formation and how it works.
And I’ve realised that writing daily articles on these formations, just isn’t enough to show you the full profit potential these patterns have to offer.
And so, I want to show you exactly how this formation works, in real life, as well as my entire winning Forex methodology.
But I can only accept 15 dedicated Forex traders!
And there are only eight tickets left.
This March 2017, I’ll be hosting the Advanced Forex Seminar in Johannesburg and Cape Town, where you can learn everything you’ll need to know to be a successful Forex trader.
And in April I’ll bring the Advanced Forex Seminar to Durban!
So you still have time to book your seat, but you better act quickly…

"Wisdom yields Wealth"


This is how my Forex traders banked a 15% gain in just one day!
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