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This mistake can get new traders into trouble

by , 13 April 2022
This mistake can get new traders into trouble
You'll often hear us say the same thing.

To trade successfully you'll need to know how to follow the rules, keep to discipline and repeat the process.

However, there is one crucial mistake that we see all the time from new traders.

And the reason for it involves fear.

You'd think that greed is what destroys traders. But I think the fear of losing is what prevents traders from being successful.

In this article I'm going to reveal this one mistake that gets traders into trouble and how you can avoid it…

The mistake starts with one sentence…


"Timon you’re on fire this year… I’ve banked 6 winning trades in a row from your Red Hot Storm Trader! I don’t know why I waited so long to join the service when I’ve been a [Trading Tips] member for over 4 years. Thank you!!!!”

Yes! Making MONEY from the markets on a regular basis –
can be this easy!

“I’ll take the next trade”
When you have a winning strategy, whether it’s following my Red Hot Storm Trader system or your own, there is no excuse to not take a trade when it lines up.

Once the system has been back-tested, forward tested and real-tested, your only job is to take every single trade that lines up.

End of the day, the system will work with or without you or me.

So, why do new traders skip taking trades when they line up?

I can think of a few reasons including:

1.    They’re on a losing streak and they feel the next trade will be another loser.

2.    They have banked five winners in a row and they feel the next trade will be a loser.

3.    They saw another Tweet by Elon Musk or heard something on the news that they believe will lead to the trade being a loss.

4.    They just don’t feel this trade is going to work out for them.

Once again, these reasons all boil down to fear.

We are not conditioned to normalize losing. And so, it is in our human nature to avoid it by all means.

But then what is the point of trading? Successful trading comes with many small losers and many big winners. It is not our job to predict which trade will be which.

We can only manage our money and follow a proven system in order to grow our portfolios over the long run.

Let’s bring that sentence back…

“I’ll take the next trade.”

This market is bigger than the Crypto and Gold markets combined

You’ve already seen $2.3 trillion pumped into crypto…

Then there’s the gold market…at more than $12 trillion!

But the market I’m talking about is already three times bigger than the Gold market and yet no-one is talking about the MegaTrend investment opportunity we are sitting on right here?

No-one is sharing what you should be investing in now to profit as this sector of the market explodes?

That's why you need to take a look here.

There are 4 reasons why saying this sentence is probably the biggest mistake you can make as a trader.

Reason #1: You’ll only choose certain trades in the future
By having this mentality, you’ll take less trades than your system will provide.

This will cause you to lose more confidence within yourself for whenever another trade lines up.

Reason #2: You’ll not follow your system
When you skip 1, 2, 3 trades, this will set the precedent for your trading.

Not only will you not follow your system, you’ll also lose focus, discipline and trust for the winning strategy you started with.

Reason #3: Your track record will change drastically
By not following your trading system, you won’t be able to keep a strong track record anymore.

Your trading levels, opportunities and reasons for entry and exit will not be accurate and your portfolio will most likely crash and burn.

Reason #4: Your emotions will override your trading
Any type of disruption from your trading strategy, will lead to your emotions getting the better of you.

You’ll refuse to accept losses.

You’ll blame anything and everything when things don’t go your way.

And when things do go your way, you’ll gain a false ego that could lead to more deposits in future trades which will lead to bigger losses.

So next time when you think to yourself.

“I will take the next trade”.

Come back to this article, give it a good read and maybe you’ll stop forfeiting trades unnecessarily.

And this will lead you to actually take the trade that lined up and which will most definitely help you drive your portfolio up in the medium to long run.

I’ll end off with a new sentence to have in your head.

Just "TAKE the TRADE”.

This mistake can get new traders into trouble
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