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This one system alone generated over R247,250 in 2020!

by , 10 September 2020
This one system alone generated over R247,250 in 2020!
“Timon, I'm 54 years old and do NOT have years on my watch to learn how to trade. Apparently the MATI Trader System Programme is a good starter pack for someone like me.

Could you tell me some solid reasons why I should own the MATI Trader System Programme and how it's performed in 2020 alone?”

~Richard Netz, CPT

A. Before I answer this… I just want to mention to new members what the MATI Trader System Programme is in a nutshell…
The MATI Trader System Programme is a complete visual and audio easy-to-follow course for anyone looking to profit and build their million-rand portfolio using my 19 year trading system.
Let’s not waste any of your time and get straight to the top six ‘SOLID’ reasons why I believe you should own the programme:
Stake Your Claim in the Global Stock Revolution
Over the past few weeks alone, we've gotten dozens of messages from readers who are thrilled to have a new moneymaking avenue to turn toward.
And the profits they're seeing are mind-blowing.
People who have never placed a trade in their lives are seeing over 293% gains on their first try.
Folks are starting with a small stake - R8,000 – R35,000 - and doubling it.
And over the last month alone, you could've cashed in gains of 132.28%, 18.35%,  and another 64.52%
Without ever having to worry about what the stock market was doing.
This is a highly unique strategy that's proving to be an essential source of profit potential in an uncertain market.
And right now, you have the chance to see what's on the inside.
SOLID Reason #1:
You profit when the market rallies or crashes
You’ll learn a completely MARKET NEUTRAL trading course.
We don’t care whether the markets skyrocket or plunge.
You’ll be able to take the opportunity to ride and profit from which ever way the trend direction heads.
SOLID Reason #2:
Bank 10 times more money with each trade and boost your winners by 50% 
This is not investing where you buy 1 share and be exposed to 1 share worth.
No, this is trading where you can buy 1 share worth and be exposed to 10 times more.
Which means 10 times more profits!
When you own the MATI Trader System Programme, you’ll learn exactly to bank 10X fold with each trade you take… You’ll also learn a simple tip on how to boost your winners by 50%.
SOLID Reason #3:
There are Hardly ANY costs
As you’re making a simple bet on a market direction, you won’t have to worry about paying any costs.
This includes:
No Capital Gains Tax
No Stamp duty
No High brokerage
No Securities transfer tax
SOLID Reason #4:
Follow a proven and profitable 19 year system
This isn’t an umming and ahhing programme.
Each buy and sell trading opportunity you spot, will come from a carefully structured 19 year proven & profitable tested system with strict criteria.
And then, rinse, repeat and cha ching… Over and over again…
202% in the bag with this one…
Profits are starting to flood in as this metals miner executes its master plan!
From being a purely exploration company four years ago – this company now has four operational projects all generating cash.
In fact, it just reported its sixth consecutive double-digit growth in revenue!
You see, this metals business is focused on extracting profits from minerals everyone else is ignoring.
Its results already prove it’s quite good at doing this.
And things are about to get a whole lot better for this precious metals mining company!
SOLID Reason #5:
Trade the top markets at the best times in only
10 minutes a week
This opportunity really does have so much potential with so little effort.
This programme will not only show you how to spot the best markets to trade but also how you’ll only need 10 minutes of your time per day.
SOLID Reason #6:
This one system generated over R247,250 in 2020 ALONE!
Yep! The MATI Trader System has done it again.
In 2020, you could have turned R100,000 into R247,250 alone.
If you want to see how it’s performed and how it could bank you these kinds of returns, then keep reading by clicking here…
Trade well, 
Timon Rossolimos,
MATI Trader System

This one system alone generated over R247,250 in 2020!
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