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Three main reasons why 95% of traders lose

by , 05 November 2018
Three main reasons why 95% of traders lose
Everyone wants to be apart of the elite 5% of traders who are constantly making money from the markets, month after month.

But the reality is...

95% of traders enter the markets, get destroyed and then leave with the idea of trading being a complete scam.

Fortunately i have been able to make a consistent income over the last 15 years and now I wish to give back to you.

Today I'm going to reveal my three main reasons why 95% of traders lose.

To participate in this 15 year winning strategy... 
You do NOT have to be a financial wizard.
You do NOT have to have a large amount of money, and
You do NOT have to have any trading experience.
You should also know that this won’t require much of your time either… About 20 minutes a week is all you need.
Reason #1: Traders are glued to watching Bloomberg
We’ve all been there.
We turn on Bloomberg or CNBC and a big news announcement comes out.
Next thing we know, we want to buy or sell based on what was just announced.
Here’s a few stories I remember this year which would have persuaded almost any newbie trader to get in or out.
“South Africa has entered into a technical recession”
I’m sure you would have wanted to short or sell the markets as soon as you heard this.
“Future of BREXIT in doubt”
This would have told any investor to get out of the pound.
“Apple hits 1 trillion dollars capitalization”
Investors and traders were worried about this being a bubble and so they started to get out of this global stock.
You need to remember something, when a news announcement is released, millions of other traders all over the world have read it too.
And the market has already factored in this information.
So while other traders are watching TV carefully with their pens and paper, I don’t even have the TV or any news sites near me.
No… Instead I use a system to trade on the market’s unpredictable reaction to the news.
Reason #2: Novice traders never take the blame
You need to remember something…
Whatever happens with your portfolio, is because of you.
Novice traders’, on the other hand, tend to pass the blame and find fault elsewhere…
They blame their friends or acquaintances for telling them what to buy or sell.
They blame their mentors for teaching them systems where they incurred losses.
They blame their children and animals for distractions.
For some reason, novice traders never seem to take the blame. Either their ego is to big or they just refuse to accept defeat.
End of the day, you’re making the trading decisions and pressing the buttons on where to get in and out of the markets. 
You know that you can’t win every trade.
It is your sole responsibility to take action when developing a winning trading strategy or adopting one.
Minimise your emotions and follow strict money management rules.
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Reason #3 New traders don’t have a mentor or strategy!
This is the most important factor!
In an unpredictable market, you need to have two very important elements when you start. 
1. A very strict and proven trading strategy with specific entry, exit and risk levels.
2. A mentor who’s been through the ups and downs and can teach you how to avoid costly mistakes, boost your winners and cut your losers.  
This way you’ll know what to follow every time and what to do to avoid huge losses.
Today I’m inviting you to help you skip the steep learning curve and to get you to trading triumph before the end of 2018.
I’m also going to give you my 15 year winning trading strategy, so you can kick off your trading on a profitable note.
I believe this strategy is all you’ll ever need to profit consistently from international stocks and currencies.
I’ve been able to make close to R1 million in just one year, with this strategy.
“Wisdom yields Wealth”
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader

Three main reasons why 95% of traders lose
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