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Three reasons Bitcoin could rocket to $89,429 - Here's why…

by , 02 November 2021
Three reasons Bitcoin could rocket to $89,429 - Here's why…
In case you've been living under a rock, Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $67,000 last week. And if you've been reading Trading Tips, this should be of no surprise…

In 2020, I predicted Bitcoin would rally from $10,000 up to $24,442.

And on 18 May, when Bitcoin was at $42,700, I made a prediction that it would rally to $73,000.

You would probably think that I would sell it from here, right?
No ways…
The prediction is still on… However, I’m making one crucial change.
I’m raising my Bitcoin target a lot higher…
This is due to three main reasons…
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The US just listed the first ever Bitcoin ETF on the NYSE
One of the main reasons for Bitcoin’s rally to $67,276 was due to the New York Stock Exchange listing the first Bitcoin ETF ever.
It’s called the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO).
When it listed, there was the second highest initial (debut) volume with a record of 24 million shares traded.
And with the build-up with the listing, as well as the actual listing, in just one month, Bitcoin’s price has already soared over 45%.
Top Trusts, analysts and even banking giants are rooting for Bitcoin’s super rally
Lately, we’ve seen some top analysts make wild price predictions on Bitcoin. And this is driving investors to buy even more. 
For one, Fundstrat Global Advisors market research firm has predicted that Bitcoin could rally as high as $168,000 by the end of the year. The co-founder Thomas Lee, said that BITO could attract as much as $50 billion of inflows in its first year. 
Next, Marcus Sotiriou, Sales Trader at GlobalBlock told Insider:
"The ETF will be a big factor for driving the price higher, as it allows a new wave of money to enter the market,"
Even the global banking giant, Standard Chartered’s research, revealed Bitcoin is likely to hit $100,000…
And the listing is just a start…
With the US SEC finally approving Bitcoin ETFs, there are many other Bitcoin trusts and ETFs that are now waiting to be approved and reconsidered, in November and December, before they go live.
This includes:
The Global X Bitcoin Trust
Kryptoin Bitcoin ETF
Valkyrie XBTO Bitcoin Futures Fund
WisdomTree Bitcoin Trust
Here’s what, Vikram R Sing, Founder of Antier Solutions, told Financial Express Online.
“With U.S. SEC approving bitcoin ETFs, this is huge and a step in the right direction. This will elevate the scope of cryptocurrencies in mainstream financial services that were previously confined to buying/selling only. There’s a rally of cryptocurrencies following up. Wait & watch,”
With the US and SEC approving regulations and listing of Bitcoin ETFs, this will attract more buying from all parties.
And you know what that means… The Bitcoin price will continue to rocket up…
Even the charts confirm upside to come… 
Why this huge Rounding Bottom is showing major upside to come for Bitcoin

We’re looking at the daily chart of Bitcoin. We can see since 7 May 2021 it’s been forming a breakout pattern called a “Rounding Bottom” (Shaded area).
This is where the price moves in a bowl type shape.
It started forming at a high price of $59,300. It then sloped down to a low $29,171 in July and then moved back up to the same high price on 15 October 2021.
We then saw the price break up and out of the $59,300 level.
This told me that the buying momentum and demand was strong. And based on the factors I mentioned today, buyers will most likely continue to drive the price higher.
Now we can now calculate the next price target.
To do this, we’ll simply use the High-Low Formula.
Price target = (High – Low) + High
                 = ($59,300 - $29,171) + $59,300
                 = $30,129 + $59,300
                 = $89,429
This means, we can expect the Bitcoin price to rally another $30,129 up to $89,429.
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Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader

Three reasons Bitcoin could rocket to $89,429 - Here's why…
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