WHAT?! 40.82% gain in just 3 weeks

by , 14 December 2017
WHAT?! 40.82% gain in just 3 weeks
In the beginning of November 2017, the markets had been giving traders a rough ride. The All Share Index continued to move sideways while we were making profits.

And when I looked at the market, I saw Reinet had found support at its previous high of R29.12.

I expected the share to break through this level and this gave us an opportunity for a quick gain on the 4 October 2017.

Just 3 weeks later the markets had been heading nicely in our favour.

When the markets went higher, so did the share price of Reinet.

For 2018: How would you like to bank 107.78% in a matter of months?

On the morning of the 27th of October 2017...
I instructed Red Hot Storm Traders to take their profits at R30.60.
Red Hot Storm Traders banked a 40.82% gain  in the process.
Not bad for only holding for three weeks?
Just about every week, we come across prime profit opportunities like these. And remember – from now on, we'll be able to tell you about every single one of them.


You'll never have to miss out on gains of up to 4.82% again!
What I've covered is just a sample of the exciting trades I've located.
ow before we take a look at exactly how you can enjoy these fantastic returns, allow us to issue a word of warning
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WHAT?! 40.82% gain in just 3 weeks
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