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What can you learn from one of history's greatest football managers?

by , 21 September 2017
What can you learn from one of history's greatest football managers?
• Married to Manchester United

• The obsession to win

• Discipline - The key to success

With 49 trophies, Sir Alex Fergusson is one of football’s greatest managers.
With his most recent book, Leading Sir Alex Ferguson gave us an insider’s view of his winning ways as manager of both Manchester United and Aberdeen.
So, what can sports bettors, like us learn from his lessons?
Read on to find out…


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Who is he?
Before he was known as Sir Alex Ferguson, He was just a young Scottish boy who enjoyed the game of football.
Even then, he enjoyed stature, being a forward player for many Scottish clubs as well as the top goal scorer in the Scottish league during the 1965–1966 season.
Towards the end of his playing career, he started his managerial career, with East Stirlingshire and St Mirren.
Success as a manager came when he was with Aberdeen, where under his guidance the club managed to win three league championships, four Scottish Cups, the European Cup Winner's Cup, The European Super Cup, a League Cup, and a Drybrough Cup all in the space of seven years.
If you couldn’t already see it, I'll point it out for you…
Sir Alex Ferguson, at a young age, knew that hard work is the seed to sow success.
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Married to Manchester United 
I think anybody who enjoys the English Premier League will know that for most of his career Sir Alex Ferguson was, in a way, married to the Manchester United.
His impressive years at the club have cemented him as one of the greatest managers the game of football has ever known.
As well as rivalries with Mourinho and Wenger, kept the entertainment value alive when playing their clubs.
His overall dedication to Manchester United both inspired and built long-term relationships with key players.
Overall, his “marriage” to the club, showed his dedication and obsession to take Manchester United to great highs and lift them up during their lows.
So let me begin with the first lesson I took from his book.

The obsession to win
Digging deep into Sir Alex Ferguson’s past showed that from a young age the Scot had an obsession to win.
Through-out his book you’ll find small quotes that are dedicated to his winning mind set.
“We were trying to strengthen our philosophy about winning in the right manner.”
His obsession to win was never compromised, as he always wanted to win in the right way.
“That winning culture could be maintained only if I told a player what I thought about his performance in a climate of honesty.”
His honesty towards his player’s performance both included constructive criticism and honest evaluation.
“Winning that game is what counts, not scoring intellectual points in a news conference.”
He was a true soccer player, winning games on the field rather than in a news conference.
I have truly learnt a lot about Sir Alex Fergusons obsession to win.
Winning must come from a clearly defined goal and not wishful thinking. Those bettors who are obsessed with winning bets are more likely to have a betting system in place, maybe two or three.
My point is your obsession to win must be backed-up by applying the relevant risk management and appropriate staking methods, only then will you be lead to a consistent stream of betting profits.


Sorry to interrupt your reading, I just have to ask... 
How do you place your bets on sports events?
Do you go with your gut, or your favourite team? Do you go with who the media thinks will win?
Wait. Let me guess...
You go with what the bookies advise, right?
Let me ask you this: What has your success rate been so far?
If your answer’s “dismal” or “let’s not go there”, then your strategy clearly isn’t working for you.
It’s alright.  Most of the people I come across have the same story to tell. You may continue reading here...
Learning from your mistakes
Sir Alex Ferguson made some very big mistakes as manager of Manchester United. Some bigger than others but mistakes none the less.
Mistakes such as his relationship with the former England captain, David Beckham. Where the relationship reached its breaking point in 2003 following an FA Cup defeat against Arsenal.
Ferguson out of pure rage threw a boot at Beckham, which hit him above the eye, causing a cut that required stitches.
Or, his abrupt sale of Jaap Stam.
In a quote, he states:
“When I think of disappointments, obviously Jaap Stam was always a disappointment to me, I made a bad decision there.”
Nevertheless, Sir Alex Ferguson admits his mistakes taught him the most valuable lessons.
So how does a sports bettor learn from their mistakes?
I think it’s clear that it’s very important to test your strategies and monitor your results. to continuously improve on your strategy as time progresses and keep an eye out for any possible errors.
That said I want to stress the importance of scrutinizing your failures as well as your winners!
You can learn a lot from your failures as well as your winners.
Having a vision – long term goals
According to a quick google search of the average life expectancy of a human being this day and age, the results were the following:
For males - 68 years and 6 months
For females - 73 years and 6 months
So, looks like we have a long time on our hands, best use it wisely.
Sir Alex Ferguson had a vision for the club that continues until this day, quoting:
“My vision of the club was as a place where young talent could develop.”
His vision was to build talent in the club, to build Manchester United to the club it is today.
As a sports bettor my vision is motivated by, profit.
However, I work on my strategies, statistical methodologies and just plain old research.
Your long-term goals should be similar, if not exactly the same.
Discipline – The key to success
In his book, “Leading”, Sir Alex Ferguson makes it clear that he places discipline above all else even extending that to his players.
“A central component of the manager–player relationship is that you have to make them take responsibility for their own actions, their own mistakes, their performance level, and finally the result. We were all in the results industry.”
Yes, results are what make us; it is also, what breaks us.
Discipline is the key here, as any sports bettor knows, one weekend of losing bets is nothing in the grand scheme of things.
Discipline will guide you to more and more profitable bets, more consistently.
“Leading” is necessary read for any sports fan, and I highly recommend you invite Sir Alex Ferguson into your living room.
You won’t regret it!

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What can you learn from one of history's greatest football managers?
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