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Who is Timon Rossolimos?

by , 09 March 2018

You see him everywhere.

TV, radio, inbox, books, events, DVDs, Websites, groups, newspapers, social media… You name it.

He's become a house hold name. In fact, he's pretty much family to you. When you meet him, it's like you've known him your whole life!

And his heart is in a good place. Because his passion in life is to do just one thing.

To help and guide fellow novice and experienced traders to make a consistent income, trading the markets, in a stress-free way.

But who exactly is Timon Rossolimos?

That's what I'm going to address with you today…
Just an ordinary guy with a burning desire to help you bank a steady income!
Timon Rossolimos, an economics graduate and an accomplished trader, spent the past 13 years dedicated to mastering the science and psychology of the stock markets.
To start off with, Timon is the Managing Editor of the popular FREE Trading Tips newsletter and the FREE Trading Tips TV channel.

He sends out mails to tens of thousands of people every day to show them the top trading tips, secrets and market views to make an income from the markets.

He is also the author to six best-selling books including the top-selling book "94 Top Trading Lessons of All Time" and Six Forex Profit Patterns.
As a proficient technical analyst, Timon is the Chief Trading Strategist behind the Red Hot Storm Trader  service at FSP Invest. Timon uses a very specific mechanical pattern break-out trading strategy.

This tells him where to get in and out of the market. This strategy has been back and forward tested for over a decade and has yielded an average 64.5% win rate.
So you know you’re bound to bank a consistent income trading in the medium to long term!
Timon has hosted a number of prestigious FSPInvest.co.za Forex and trading related seminars. He’s also spoken at prestigious events like:

· The South African Investor Gala Dinner
· The FSP Invest Symposium at the Michaelangelo, South Africa
· The Accelerated Investor Seminar in the heart of Bryanston, South Africa
In addition to his love for trading charts, Timon is a prolific and outspoken author on trading strategies, psychology and financial markets.
It’s no wonder people have so much praise for his work:
So if you’d like to get on board this exclusive FREE newsletter and join Timon Rossolimos and his team, then the best place to start is right here! 

PS: Here is what our dear members have to share about:
"The best part was how Timon makes you part of the seminar. He helps you no matter what question you have" W.A

"Timon explained everything very well in detail"  E

"It was informative and I enjoyed it tremendously"  T.O

"Excellent presentation and knowledge Timon has on every matter" T.F

"Excellent training. I am confident I'll be growing my portfolio. The information was delivered and so was the response to the questions" P.M

"Timon is an excellent coach"

“It was well presented by Timon. I learnt many new strategies. Thank you J “ B.P
“Timon has given me the breakthrough to start trading.” T.N     
“The new strategy is awesome. I will definitely give it a try.” M.M
“Timon taught us well and knows what he was teaching.” S.T                                      

“New strategies were introduced to help me improve trading results. It was very informatiive and Timon knew what he was talking about.” K.N                                                                 

“Thank you Timon. This seminar was more than I expected. The workshop was enlightening and I will now start trading with more confidence.” V                                                                              

“Examples and clear explanations were given. Friendly and uplifting environment. It was well presented and informative.” S.N                                                                             

“Timon explained all the jargon in a more understandable way.” T.N                                                         
Timon not only touched on all the fundamentals of the Forex market. But also explained it in a way anyone can understand it. J.B
“Timon is a great teacher and speaker.” N.M       

“I did not know much about Forex and trading. Timon explained everything and broke down trading in a layman’s way so that I know the basics. Timon is a very confident speaker. He is able to send the message out of what he's trying to teach you.” Joe
“The Forex Seminar was very comfortable and laid back atmosphere. Timon made it very easy and interesting to understand” R.S
“I learnt when to place a trade through technical analysis. The facilities were excellent and the Forex seminar was a great eye-opener to me” Z.B
“The Forex Seminar was very comfortable and laid back atmosphere. Timon made it very easy and interesting to understand” R.S
“Very informative and I found a good strategy from the seminar. Timon was very concise and accurate. He is very knowledgeable” R.F
“Timon is very knowledgeable and also tried his best to squeeze more info with the limitation of time” B.N
“This was a really good start. It was a lot of information but not too much to absorb. It most certainly made e want to join the Advanced Forex Seminar” S.S
“The way Timon taught us and how to trade was so simple and easy to understand” M.R

“This was informative and great. Timon covered the essentials completely” W
“Relaxed atmosphere, easy to learn and a good presenter” PC
“Timon is a very knowledgeable and accomplished speaker. I wanted to learn at least one strategy and this was presented. So I am happy.” C.E
“Very good honest and open presentation about trading. And not professing a get rich overnight. The simplicity he brings to trading with no indicators and again honesty.” S.L
“Timon's willingness to share his profitable strategy and sets realistic expectations” M.C
“Opened a whole new door for me” T.O

“Timon is very experienced and it is a magical seminar with a real teacher” K. du Plesis

“I came here to deepen my knowledge and understanding of Forex. This expectation was met. I understand technical patterns better and know when the trade is a high or medium probability”. – J. Snyman

“Eye-opener in deed. I realise that Forex trading needs patience and is not a get rich quick scheme” – M. Rakjole

"Timon you're a rockstar. I just banked a R8,000 profit on the USD/CHF long trade."

“I now understand risk management and I’ve gained confidence” – Sophia Ngoasheng

 “It was well taught and articulated” S. Mateba
“Speaker clearly knows what he is talking about. He kept the attention of everyone. Presenter very energetic and kept attention. ” – Corrie Bezuidenhout

“Very informative and well presented” – Roy Draper

“Information was valuable and gave one insight on Forex trading” - Mkhusele

“It is one of the best as I have attended few others” – Alpheus Matuie

“Very interesting and educational” – Carrel Hanoke

“He is very knowledgeable about his trade and can transfer his knowledge.” – Jan Ehlers

“Eye opener about Forex market. I think I can place a trade now” – Protas Phili

“Simple explanations for a difficult field” – Koos Visser

“The speaker is very knowledgeable on various topics covered, Esp referring from personal experiences” – Sello Pitso

“Good voice and knowledge of Forex.” – Daan Swanepoel

“He is an excellent speaker. Food – excellent.” – Dirk De Klerk

“Timon is very confident with presenting and the event was very informative. I can start trading now” - Abdulaziz

“It was worth the time, friendly and easy to follow” - Solomon Mashakam

“It was run very well and with lots of detailed information taught in a simple way” - Brandan Rakusin

"Thank you for your speedy response, the information you have given is worth gold and I hope to implement it by month end  I can start
trading now.” - Abdulaziz

“It was very informative and is a must have product.” - B. Mokoke

“Brilliant, just brilliant and it met every expectation.” - Victor Magwaza

“The confidence inspired me and now I have a good understanding on what Forex"

"Just a note of appreciation Timon, on your money management(Risk calculator)tips on the CFD's. You helped me to better understand and manage my losses by your stop loss tips and how much of my portfolio money i should risk losing. I used to just dive head on when trading and worry about the rest later which now i realise was very foolish."

"Thanks Timon. You are a great mentor. Keep well." - Chris

“I know and have followed Timon Rossolimos for a couple of years. The understanding that he has on the market and especially trading is remarkable. What makes him stand out from the rest is his money management and his impeccable risk reward trades.”  P. Stander

“Timon is an excellent trader who is cautious, methodical, dedicated and inspirational to fellow traders. It is always a pleasure interacting with him as a fellow trader. His advice is excellent and he is not a risk taker.” P. Simith

“I could never time market entry correctly before. This workshop has helped me to identify the positions! My overall impression of the workshop: 9.5/10!” - Thys Uys

“Very informative, and very intense! The examples were ‘real world’ and the workshop definitely met my expectations” - Pierre Duvenhage

“Timon explains technical terms in a simple way. He gave clear techniques without cluttering my mind with any confusion. I give the workshop 10/10 - Excellent!”- Herman Steyn

“The training was good and the speakers are very knowledgeable about the topics” – Zuko Mbele

“All I can say as someone who has never traded, now I am more confident to call a broker and start trading. I am more informed than ever.”  - Samson Molepo

“Very informative and helpful in putting the concepts across for the layman.” – Francis Hummund

“Both good speakers and their ability to explain topics and terms is very good. I understood all the terms and topics, both were clear and to the point on what they wanted to say. And I appreciated that. This is the first seminar attended which was explained so well. I expected to learn something new and the seminar delivered that.”  – Francisca Pretorius”

“Very informative and well worth it.” – B.J Van Niekerk

“Being a beginner/novice in CFDs it was great that they started from the basics and built on that.  Both presenters are clearly experienced and knowledgeable. The strategy was very clearly discussed and illustrated.” - Stavros Dalakas

“Wow it was mind blowing and insightful. It was worth it” – Celiwe Zulu

“Extremely valuable. Left me with a number of things to take home and use to my advantage.”- S. Meyer

“The speakers speak from experience and they are all active in what they’re teaching. All the questions I had were answered and the venue was clean, neat, practical, sufficient and well-catered”- Johnny Snyman

“A lot of clear and valuable information. Great presentations” -Herman Steyn

“I learnt a great deal. I’m now ready to trade seriously because I know where I went wrong.” -Yathawan Naransamy

“The seminar gave me courage to put more effort on Forex trading. There is also accommodation if the transport is not flexible. This means one can sleep over”- Bongani Ngaki

“Great. Everything was excellent! The Cup and W pattern were my best highlights” -Solly Molete

“The speakers were thorough with their presentations and I know more about the Forex market and charts”- Nolan Danster

“Perfect for beginner traders. Very simple and educational”- Munir Hagee

“Loved the Forex Fundamentals and practical examples shown” -Stephen Mamakoko

“Timon’s and Igor’s presentations were user friendly” -Enst Roth

“Practical examples were useful, thanks Timon” - Vivianne Jaques

“I had very little to no knowledge about trading Forex at the start of the day. But now I’m feeling very empowered” - Alison Darling

“Wonderful! The trading strategies were well explained” - Chris Sethusha

“The combination of three trading greats sharing the stage is what I liked best about the seminar”-  Chris Sethusha

“I got a lot of information and clarity on how to trade” - Marius van Rhyn

"This was an excellent start for me. It was easy to understand and approach" – Jacob Tau

"Timon covered everything for beginners" – Khela Mabewa

"Everything was explained clearly and to the point. Well done!" – Neerash Lutchmen (Durban)

"It was down to basics and easy to follow" – Theunis Botha

"You get everything under the roof. And I learnt how to open a Forex account and start with a demo account."-  Benjamin Mahunonyane

"Timon always makes everything understandable and easy to understand. Timon wanted to always teach us more. Timon as a presenter is always approachable and always providing helpful information." – Paul V

"It was an eye opener because I now know what to trade without fear. The atmosophere was marvellous and everything was explained brief and concise. "– Thupudi Abel Sesama

"Excellent, Timon. I have also found out that my mood has a significant influence on my trading results. Some days I am most certainly in the "wrong" mood. On other days I am in the "correct" mood and make the correct trading decissions." - D-R

"I feel blessed to come to this seminar and I would like to be included in every seminar" – Mothofeela Lekeno

"It did exactly what was promised. I now have the tools to start trading . The best part is,  have future support in various forms. This is just the start."

"Great presentation, great venue, comfortable." – Tumislo Ngulube

"I gained a lot of basic information on trading Forex. I didn’t know anything about it before. The presentation was simple and clear ."– Anon

"I now know where to start and which platforms to use. Everything was very informative ad most of all I got a strategy to use for FREE." – Simphiwe Mashinini

"Timon is very knowledgeable and makes his presentations very simple and easy."  - Amdami

"Very informative and interesting. It opened my eyes as to what’s happening in the Forex market." - Joha
  “I’ve learnt a lot not only in CFDs but trading in general. I’m glad that big emphasis was placed on risk management.” – Anon
“Thoroughly enjoyed your webinar. You came across very well” – Anon
“Hi Timon, I just made R2,800 in 2 days on your recommendation Bravo!!!! Send more tips!!! Regards Mario”
“T, I’m loving your videos bro. Keep them coming!” – J
“Hi Timon. Thanks for giving us something for free. My confidence in FSP has been restored” – A.M
“My first trade gave me R35,000 exluding my initial investment. I will recommend you to any person who is serious about making money and a lot of money” – V.N
“Dear Sir, Tim is an excellent trader who is cautious, methodical, dedicated and inspirational to fellow traders. He sticks to his trading plan and has excellent money management skills.It is always a pleasure interacting with him as a fellow trader. His advice is normally excellent and he is not a risk taker.” P.S

About 3 hours ago I knew little to nothing about trading but visited your site and I know terms that I did not know.I love trading forex but the institutions are very expensive but why go through the trouble when I have my couch and FSP Invest,from the bottom of my heart I would like to say thank you for turning what I thought were swear words to what is forever in my mind <3

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Who is Timon Rossolimos?
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