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Why passing your K53 is like learning to trade

by , 09 April 2018
Why passing your K53 is like learning to trade
Do you remember when you first time you got behind a steering wheel?

I was an absolute nervous wreck.

Legs shaking, heart racing and adrenaline running through every vein.

Ignition starts. And Just as I was about to drive away the revs went up, I slammed on breaks, the car jolted and then stalled.

Great start Timon!

It felt like I would never be a good driver.

A couple of lessons later, and driving became second nature to me.
You know what I'm talking about…

The point where you drove from A to B, with no recollection of even putting on your seatbelt let alone reaching your destination.

If you never had those lessons - I'm sure you would have remained a nervous wreck trying to work out how to do it all by yourself.

And worse, you might have even had an unforgettable accident.

The same applies to trading…

Let me explain…

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Start slow, make mistakes and avoid a financial catastrophe
When you learnt to drive, you needed to make a couple of mistakes to learn.
Whether you stalled a few times, never checked your blind spot, over revved the engine or broke a few road rules along the way.
These are all essential mistakes you had to endure to become the stellar driver you are today.
I’m I right?
With trading, you need to go through a couple of learning curves as well.
Learn the ins and outs of trading
Before you started to drive, you needed to learn the basics of driving and road rules from the BIG YELLOW K53 book.
You needed to have an understanding of these basics about the car and the rules of the road before you placed yourself in the driver’s seat.  
When you start out trading you also need to couple of basics and rules.
This helps you understand what you’re getting yourself into before you place  your first trade.
You can do this by reading books, joining trader services, watching
YouTube and even reading free information to start trading.
In fact, for you today I’ll send you a brand new trading report to upper your knowledge on the trading basics.

It’s called the Lazy Guide to Trading Fortunes…
I’ll give you the link to download this report for free at the end. Moving along…
Drive in a safe and quiet area to avoid the avoidable danger
Ok so you managed to pass your K53 test and were ready to drive.
Let me ask you… Did you start your car, get onto the N1 on ramp and race as many cars as you could?
Most probably not.
You weren’t ready to risk your life.
I’m sure you had someone take you to a quiet area where you learnt to drive.
Away from people, taxis and from crazy drivers.
So why do so many traders risk their portfolios?
Traders think that once they understand the theory, rules and basics of trading they’re ready to place R10,000 a trade and hope it will turn to R1,000,000 in a week.
I was the same. In fact, it took me a good three years to teach me this crucial lesson.
The honest truth why traders think this is way is because they don’ know what they don’t know.
Newbie traders don’t understand how the charts behave, the jumpiness and unpredictable movements in the market.
So how do you learn to trade without risking any money?
Easy, through a demo account.
A demo-account is like learning to drive in a very quiet area. Without endangering your life.
This demo-account (practice account) will give you enough space and time, to play around with the markets to see how it works  –  But without putting your real money at risk.
This way, you don’t need to feel the pressure and stress of losing money, as you’ll protect yourself from avoiding any real financial disasters.
Next week, I’ll give you the next step you’ll need to succeed from trading where you’ll get onto that proverbial highway and drive your way to financial success.
********For those who are concerned*******
Listeriosis, Steinhoff, New Cabinet, New president and the JSE Collapse
PS: As promised Claim your free report: The Lazy Guide to Trading Fortunes now
PPS: Do you already know the basics of trading or been with Trading Tips for a while? Here’s your next step to profit from the markets…

Why passing your K53 is like learning to trade
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