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Why you need to go watch Back to the Future again if you want to be a better trader!

by , 22 October 2015

The DeLorean time machine is back!

Why do I say this? It's back to the Future Day - the date Marty and Doc crashed the future in the second of the three time-hopping sci-fi adventure films.

And the date was October 21.

backto the future.png 

It will probably be my highlight of the year, to go and watch the ‘Back to the Future' movie. The last time the movie was released was in 1985 and in 1986, the VHS was ready to watch.

And besides we were brought up watching these kinds of movies. It’s always fascinating to watch a movie where a scientist travels back in time and then into the future to try and change the past to cut out the negative happenings.

But here’s the interesting thing. In the last movie, there were a number of predictions made about what 2015 would be like.

They certainly got a few spot on such as:
  • Smart watches
  • Hover boards
  • Virtual reality headsets (which we use Google glass and Oculus)
  • Talking from TV to TV ( Instead we use tablets and smart phones, but close enough)
Sure they got a few wrong predictions like:
  • People wearing their pockets inside out
  • Dogs having drones walk them (but we do have drones though)
  • Mechanical car fuel attendants
  • Pizza hydrators
But there is a very big lesson you need to learn from this.

If scientists, businessmen, producers, directors and actors can’t accurately predict the future, nobody can.

I’ve said this before… The stock market is like the ‘Back to the Future move’ it’s unpredictable…

You can’t know what’s going to happen in the future, by using past data for certainty.

I don’t mean to go philosophical on you, but I want you to think about this for a bit.

Let’s say you know what’s going to happen at a certain point in the future. If you act according to what will happen in the future, then your action will change the future.

For instance, let’s say you know an old grey Chevrolet is about to race down the street and bump a white fluffy Maltese poodle…

By running and saving the poodle, you would’ve changed the future for that dog.

Because it won’t end up lifeless as it would have if you hadn't stepped in.

You’ve changed the future, just by knowing the future.

So if the future is so unpredicatble, how can anyone ever make money from trading?


You don’t need to know the future when you trade

When you take a trade, you should never try to predict where the market will go.
If you try and predict, you’ll find that you’ll be more anxious and emotional when you trade. Because you now have expectations and hope.

These two ingredients are not what you need as a trader.

Instead, you should have a carefully thought out trading strategy.
With this strategy, you’ll need to have 20 back tested, 20 forward tested and 20 live tested trades.

This will give you more of an idea of the metrics of your trading strategy.

You’ll have an idea of the win/rate, the average gain or average loss…

After you’ve joined Red Hot Storm Trader then do yourself a favour. Go spoil the family and go watch ‘Back to the Future Day’ movie this week. Not only will it be a fantastic memory for and your loved ones, but it will also give you some essential trading lessons

“Wisdom yields Wealth”

Timon Rossolimos

Senior Editor:  Trading Tips 
Head AnalystRed Hot Storm Trader
Author:           94 Top Trading Lessons of All Time   

PS: My 720 members have fortunately banked five nice consecutive winners in the last month. This sums up to around 142.09% in accumulative gains. I don’t mean to boast, as I know it won’t always be this way… But I’m just giving you an example on how you can bank gains in the markets, WITHOUT predicting where the market will go. Click here to join now!

PS: Watch our video so you know how to trade anywhere in the world!

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Why you need to go watch Back to the Future again if you want to be a better trader!
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