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Why you should attend the Beginner CFD Trading webinar even if you own the MATI Trader System Programme

by , 11 February 2021
Why you should attend the Beginner CFD Trading webinar even if you own the MATI Trader System Programme
Q. "If I'm the owner of the MATI Trader System Programme, will I get any value joining the Beginner CFD Trading webinar?"

A. Hi Clive, yes absolutely.
In the MATI Trader System Programme, I run through the basics of trading in just 20 minutes. 
With the webinar, I plan to cover every essential aspect to CFD trading and the trading basics over a course of two hours. 
This way we can go through live examples on how trading works in the real world with charts, platforms and recent events. 
The other important part of being at the webinar is at the end.
We will be having a live Q and A discussion, where you can ask any trading related questions as well as listen to others experiences and questions.
You must also remember this is a once off trading event, that I don't plan to host again this year. 
I urge everyone who is passionate and dedicated to trade and profit this year, to join the Beginner CFD Trading Webinar.
Online seats are limited so make sure you book your spot now by going here.
Q. How to pick stocks in 2021
A. 2021 is going to be a stock picker’s market.
We’re entering a market that is ideal for small-cap investors.
These market conditions don’t come along often.  In fact the last time my colleague Francois saw opportunities like this was back in 2007!
And at that time he closed 27 stocks for a massive 143% gain average!
And already in 2021, he is starting to see multibagger gains come through. 
He just closed out 519% on DRD Gold for example and Jubilee Platinum for 330%...
And there’s a whole lot more to come he says, if you act fast.
The right small, specialised company — with an X-factor — is a wonderful find that can lead to multi-bagger gains.
The wrong one…or one that just meets very bad luck…can swallow your capital whole.
Like I said it doesn’t happen often, but some markets are just right for small-cap stock picking.
And 2021 is just such a market.
Q. "With the social media communities driving up underdog markets over 300% to 700% in a day, I have two questions.
1. Timon have you seen anything like this before in your experience?
2. Do you have any Important lessons we can learn from this?"
A. In 19 years of trading, I have never seen anything like this before. We are seeing a revolution in trading.
This is where the social media communities i.e. Reddit are teaming up and going against the big hedge fund managers and driving the market prices to new highs.
In two weeks, we've seen a group of social media members drive up the price of GameStop, Silver and even Doge Coin over 30%, 600% and 40%. If you don't know what I'm talking about then click here to catch up
Going back to the question.
I have four important lessons I've learnt during this whole debacle.
Lesson #1: Always put in a stop loss
We never want to risk more than what we plan to.
So make sure you set your stop loss with every trade you take.
Or ideally, put in a guaranteed stop loss. This way, you’ll get out of your trade at your chosen risk level even if the market rockets (gaps) against you.
Lesson #2:  Risk less per trade
Make sure you follow strict money management rules and only deposit a tiny portion of your portfolio per trade. 
This will help you to avoid taking a huge loss, if the markets jump to far away from your stop loss.
Lesson #3: Don't predict the next GameStop
If you go onto the sub-reddit community r/WallStreetBets, you'll see thousands of messages telling traders what markets to buy or sell.
The truth is…
We will never really know with accuracy; which market is going to take off like what we saw with GameStop.
And most times, you’ll find yourself in a dangerous situation by trying to follow the crowd mentality.
So, stick to your trading strategy that works and steer away from the hype and the greed.
Lesson 4#: Short-sell only blue chips
The only markets you’ll find me short-selling, are the highly valued. Well-established markets. These markets generally don’t jump up or down with huge percentages in a day.
Instead, I’ll normally short a blue-chip stock and profit from a 5% to 10% move, over the next few weeks, and then walk away.
Trade well,
Timon Rossolimos,
Managing Editor, Trading Tips

Why you should attend the Beginner CFD Trading webinar even if you own the MATI Trader System Programme
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