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Three reasons why you should set up a Trust: The ultimate solution to estate planning

by , 19 June 2013

When it comes to estate planning, it can be easy to put it off. After all, your death isn't the easiest thing to consider. But if you sort out a Trust, there are benefits you can take advantage of immediately. It's important to ensure that you protect your assets and legally pay less tax…

When it comes to planning for the inevitable, most people arrange the disposal of their estate via a Will.

But what if there was a way that you could make the whole process easier and pay less to SARS in the process. Gavin Fourie, author of The Trust Report reveals how…

The number one estate planning solution: A Trust

Well instead of going the Will route, you can sort out your estate through a Trust.

And there are good reasons why this is such a great idea…

Three advantages of establishing a Trust:
  1. A Trust protects your assets from creditors in the event of your insolvency, disability or divorce. By establishing a Trust, you create an environment that protects your assets from creditors while you’re alive and after your death.
  2.  A Trust makes provision for your estate to be passed on to your beneficiaries in the smoothest possible manner. It allows an environment that’ll allow the smooth transfer of your assets to your beneficiaries. This environment will also continue to benefit from a Trust’s tax saving opportunities.
  3.  A Trust is the best way to legally minimise taxes and other deathbed expenses. This is because a Trust separates you from your assets. If you assets were sitting in a Trust, or a number of Trusts that are linked together, your personal estate would be worth very little, thereby minimising your deathbed expenses.
It’s almost impossible to achieve all three of these when you run your financial affairs in your personal name. And it’s this that makes a Trust the number one choice in estate planning.

Three reasons why you should set up a Trust: The ultimate solution to estate planning
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