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Don't let a big winning trade cost you your trading account!

by , 29 October 2013

Watch this video to make sure you don't let a big winning trade turn into a massive portfolio loss!

Traders and soon to be traders, listen up.

Sometimes you have a winning streak when trading the markets…

Winner after winner after winner!

You feel like a trading champ, and your success starts to get to your head.

You feel that your trading triumph becomes indestructible.

And imagine yourself owning your very own Sun Seeker Yacht, cruising away to your lavish islands.
The reality of trading disappears and the focus of the winning trades take over your mind.

Losers don't exist anymore and you feel invincible and start to believe that trading is easy to grow your riches.

The idea of your trading success gets to your head.

And before you know it, a reckless and risky trade has blown your portfolio bank account (and all your gains) to smithereens.

So how do you avoid letting success get to your head?

Personally, I think trading success is more internal than external. But I'll explain this in a lot more detail.

So, click on the video and let's delve a little deeper into the psychology of successful trading.

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Timon Rossolimos, Trading Building blocks, Financial Freedom

************************************************************************************************** Editors Note: If you'd like to boost your trading performance, success and learn more top insider tips and tricks Timon has learnt over the last decade then follow him on Twitter @timonr. ***************************************************************************************************

Don't let a big winning trade cost you your trading account!
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