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Does opening a bottle of bubbly fill you with dread? Here's how to open a bottle of champagne perfectly every time…

by , 09 October 2014

Whether it's to mark a celebration or for a treat, it's hard to beat a glass of crisp, bubble-filled champagne.

But when it comes to opening the bottle, are you inclined to get someone else to do it? Do you worry the cork will do damage as it propels out the bottle? Or are you scared you're going to waste half the bottle in the opening process?

Well fear not. Opening a bottle of champagne is actually simple to do, as long as you stick to the following steps…

Use these three steps to safely open a bottle of champagne

Stick to the following three steps and you’ll never have to worry about opening a bottle of champagne, or sparkling wine, every again.

And you won’t have to contend with volatile corks or spillage either.

Step 1: Start with the cage around the champagne’s cork

Loosen the cage that covers the cork. Six half turns should do the trick, the experts at Wine Folly explain.

The cage should be loose enough to come over the lip of the bottle, but don’t take it off.

Once you’ve loosened the cage, keep your hand over the cage and cork.

Step 2: Hold the bottle of champagne at a 45° angle

Hold the bottle of champagne at a 45° angle, with one hand covering the cage and cork, and the other hand on the base of the bottle.

Slowly start to rotate the base of the bottle of champagne. Make sure you keep a firm hold of the cage and cork at this stage,

Step 3: Removing the cork from the champagne bottle

As you continue to rotate the bottle at the base, you’ll feel the pressure building at the cork. Make sure you put pressure on the cork and cage to keep them in place.

Continue to slowly rotate the bottle and the cork will simply pop out, safely in its cage.

You can then remove the cage with the cork inside. If you keep the bottle at a 45° angle for a few more seconds, it’ll stop any of the champagne escaping.

Then pour!

So there you have it, how to open a bottle of champagne perfectly every time.

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Does opening a bottle of bubbly fill you with dread? Here's how to open a bottle of champagne perfectly every time…
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