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Enjoy a little of everything you love in this red wine blend!

by , 14 May 2014

A quick look at your wine collection will show you more and more wines are blended. This little fact shouldn't stop you from enjoying great wine. A little variety, like that found in the Meerlust Red Blend 2011, gives wine a depth of flavour that'll keep your taste buds tantalised until the last drop. And there are even more reasons to add this delicious red wine to your wine list…

What makes the Meerlust Red Blend 2011 truly unique

Many red wine blends have come before, but none can match the complexity of flavours found in the Meerlust Red Blend 2011. 
A blend of four grape varieties, it’s special for two reasons: 
  1. Unlike other red wine blends to have come out of the Meerlust Estate, the Meerlust Red Blend 2011 is merlot-based. This makes it unique because cabernet sauvignon tends to dominate most South African red wine blends. 
  2. You’ll enjoy the addition of petit verdot, also known as the “late bloomer” of grape varietals because it takes longer to ripen. It brings a lovely floral aroma and a fresh acidity you’ll enjoy in this superb blend.  
We’ve told you what came together to make this unique red wine blend. But, what can you expect when you finally put this dark purple wine to your lips?

Brace yourself for a delicate combination of different flavours when you drink the Meerlust Red Blend 2011

The unique flavours of this delicious wine will stay with you long after you’ve emptied your glass. 
Enjoy the unique blend of floral and fruity brought to you by the delicate mixing of vanilla, dark chocolate and blackcurrant. 
This red wine blend goes well both heavy meals and snacks. So, whether you’re enjoying a pot roast on a Sunday or a cheese platter after a meal, you’ll find the Meerlust Red Blend 2011 a worthy addition to your wine cellar. 

Enjoy a little of everything you love in this red wine blend!
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