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Has one of your bottles of wine got sediment floating about in it? Here are two ways to remove it…

by , 02 October 2014

Contrary to popular belief, sediment isn't just a problem for red wines, it happens with white wines too. It's down to a wine maker deciding not to filter the wine to add to its flavour.

So if you have a wine that's got sediment in it, what exactly is in the sediment? And what can you do to remove it?

Let's take a closer look…

What’s in wine sediment?

As much as a wine maker’s decision to leave a wine unfiltered may help the colour of the wine and give it a richer taste, it’s not the most welcomed guest in your wine glass.

Sediment in wine is usually from four main things, the team of experts at Wine Folly explain…

1. Lees
These are dead yeast particles found in a wine barrel or tank. You’re more likely to find this kind of sediment in aged sparkling wines.

2. Protein
This can give the wine a cloudy appearance. Wine makers usually remove protein because it can actually affect the flavour of a wine.

3. Wine crystals
This is potassium bitartrate (cream of tartar), which comes from the tartaric acid used in the wine making process. You’ll find this sort of sediment in unfiltered white wines including Chardonnay.

4. Grape skins
This is common with red wines. Especially wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

Luckily no matter where it comes from, you don’t have to put up with sediment in your glass…

Two ways to remove sediment from your wine

Method #1:
Firstly, leave the bottle of wine containing sediment standing upright for at least a day.

Then pour the majority of the bottle into a decanter. Leave a bit in the bottle, where a lot of the sediment should be from standing upright.

The result is a sediment free wine.

Method #2:
If you can’t wait for the sediment to settle and use a decanter, opt for a tea strainer.

This will catch the bitter bits of grape skins that don’t taste nice.

So there you have it. Two ways to remove sediment from a bottle of wine.

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Has one of your bottles of wine got sediment floating about in it? Here are two ways to remove it…
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