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If you've always stuck to red wine before, Meerlust's white is good enough to change your taste!

by , 30 May 2013

Ask most wine lovers for their bottle of choice and it'll most likely be a red wine. That's mainly because most connoisseurs see white wine's as a 'lighter' option (as it usually has a lower alcohol content than red) and red wine has more health-boosting properties due to its resveratrol content. But a glass of Meerlust's Chardonnay - the only white wine the vineyard produces - is reason enough to change your taste from red to white…
Meerlust Wine Estate, nestled in Stellenbosch, is well-known among red wine collectors.
That’s because the winery, which has been in the Myburgh family since 1756, has produced generation after generation of top class red wines, like the just released Meerlust Red 2011
But if you haven’t tried Meerlust’s Chardonnay, the only white wine it produces, you’re missing out.
The Meerlust Chardonnay was produced for the first time in 1995, fermented and matured in French Oak and made from grapes grown only on the Meerlust Estate.
Made by winemaker Chris Williams, this full, dry white wine has a polished platinum green hue, an appealing nose of citrus notes and scored a 92 by Neil Martin from The Wine Advocate in December 2012, says FSPInvest
Revealed: What you’ll smell – and taste – in the Meerlust Chardonnay 2010
Its citrus notes include lime and tangerine, with a refined nose of crisp lemon peel and lemon meringue, writes Wineweb
That’s why Jancis Robinson included the Meerlust Chardonnay as one of her Top 100 Whites in December 2012, commenting that it “shows just how good Cape Chardonnay can be”.
And the best part is, if you’d like to invest in the quality white wine now to only savour later (like most red wine investors do), this Chardonnay’s a good bet.
Just remember to store your Meerlust Chardonnay in ideal cellar conditions…
The Meerlust Chardonnay’s crisp acidity with a lingering finish can be stored for up to six years in ideal cellar conditions.
This means you need to store the wine in a dark area with optimal temperature and humidity levels, says FSPInvest.
According to eHow, the temperature should remain at approximately 12.7°C with humidity of 60% to 65%.
But you don’t have to wait for the wine to mature, as the Meerlust’s Chardonnay is barrel-matured for 12 months before bottling, says Meerlust.
 So you can drink it right away if you want.
It’s especially good when paired with grilled fish, as well as white meat.

If you've always stuck to red wine before, Meerlust's white is good enough to change your taste!
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