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Introducing one of the most celebrated, gold medal winning Chenin Blancs on the SA market

by , 08 January 2014

Top performing wineries produce top wines… And this couldn't be more true for Paarl's esteemed Windmeul winery. And when it comes to award-winning white wines, this SA winery sure knows what it's doing…

At last year’s Veritas Awards, Windmeul was one of the country’s top performing wineries. 

It’s such a good performer, in fact that the winery, situated in Paarl in the Western Cape, was one of only two cellars to achieve two gold medals! 

It also won Top Producer for the third time at the Winemaker’s Choice Awards. 

This year, Windmeul got into the very top group at the 2014 Platter SA Wines, with one five-star, four four-and-a-half stars, and four four-star gradings for its wines.

Today, we’d introducing your to Windmuel’s star white wine—an award-winning wine in a class of its own. 
The Windmeul Chenin Blanc 2013—the only unwooded Chenin Blanc in South Africa to receive double gold!
At last year’s Veritas Awards, the Windmeul Chenin Blanc 2013 was the only unwooded Chenin Blanc in the whole of South Africa to win two gold medals. And there were 70 entries in its category!

Proof that this wine is something special indeed. 

And when you pair this award-winning wine up with chicken, fish or salads you’ll instantly understand why...
This dry, yet full flavoured, white wine has lots of pear, peach and guava flavours on the nose, which means its zesty flavour accentuates the wine’s crisp quality.
Because it’s a fruity wine, it would work well as an accompaniment for spicy Asian dishes… Or even with creamy, rich sauces. 
There you have it. The Windmeul Chenin Blanc 2013 is the best wine in its class this season and the perfect addition to your cellar. 
It’s sure to win over the hearts of your dinner guests. 

Introducing one of the most celebrated, gold medal winning Chenin Blancs on the SA market
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