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Looking for a top quality wine that's produced to age? Go for a case of Meerlust's internationally acclaimed wines!

by , 23 May 2013

Chris Williams, winemaker at Meerlust Wine Estate, has proven vintage after vintage that Meerlust wines deserve to be rated within the top echelon of wines produced in South Africa today. The reason? Each Meerlust wine, like the Meerlust Rubicon, simply gets better with age…
If you’re a local wine connoisseur, you’ll have heard of Meerlust. This wine label is so well linked to quality as a brand that the wine sells itself, riding on its quality which is, and always has been, the focus from this vineyard. 
The winery has been in the Myburgh family since 1756. This heritage is strongly engraved in their world-class wines thanks to the strong focus on quality passed down through the generations. 
But it’s the vineyard’s consistency in producing top class wines and exuding the typical characteristics of each varietal that’s helped the brand stand the test of time.
Sip on one of Meerlust’s six labels and you enter a world of quality and dedication that’s been passed down over generations… 
Heritage is such a big part of  Meerlust, that the vineyard is said to have a ‘family secret’ when it comes to producing top quality wines. So it’s no surprise that current owner, Hannes Myburgh, is the eighth generation of the Myburgh family to run this Stellenbosch-based wine estate that includes a bird sanctuary and family cemetery.
Of the excellent vintages it produces, the Meerlust Rubicon is one of the top sellers for those looking to invest in a wine for the cellar.
Here’s how the Meerlust Rubicon got its noble name…
The late Nico Myburgh, Meerlust's seventh-generation owner and vintner from the 1950s, had a vision of creating a Cape version of the classic Bordeaux red blend.
When it finally went to bottle in 1980, Myburgh was reminded of the words “the die is cast” Julius Caesar’s words said when his troops crossed the Rubicon River and advanced upon Rome.
And that’s how this sophisticated red blend got its name, explains Wine.co.za
It sells well internationally, even to consumers in countries known for their own superior vintages, such as France and Italy.
But those aren’t the only Meerlust wines that tantalise the taste buds of offshore connoisseurs… 
Meerlust’s also renowned for five other labels.
These include: 
The Meerlust Merlot 2009,a juicy, opulent wine with hints of dark chocolate and spice that won bronze at the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show 2012. 
The Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, which has classic cedar wood-cigar box notes that won it bronze at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2012.
The Chardonnay 2010, which has an appealing nose of quince, citrus and floral notes that helped it score a 92 by Neil Martin from The Wine Advocate in December 2012. 
The Pinot Noir 2011, which has hints of savoury richness and an ageing potential up to the year 2018, provided it’s stored in ideal cellar conditions.
And the JUST released Meerlust Red 2011, a sensual wine with an intense dark purple colour with a violet rim that’s only been released three times before, in very specific vintages.
There you have it. Meerlust offers wines made in a style that gets better with time … But if you simply can’t resist popping open a bottle right away, go for it – they’re sophisticated enough to be enjoyed right now!
To get your hands on The Meerlust Collector’s Mixed Case, which includes six bottles for just R1,299 (Including delivery in SA), click here.

Looking for a top quality wine that's produced to age? Go for a case of Meerlust's internationally acclaimed wines!
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