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Silverthorn MCCs - the perfect way to celebrate any occasion

by , 11 September 2013

There's nothing quite like cracking open a bottle of sparkling wine when you want to celebrate good news or a special occasion with your loved ones. And what better way to celebrate, than by experiencing the award-winning taste of one of South Africa's premier sparkling wine producers: Silverthorn Methode Cap Classique sparkling wines.

Nestled in the heart of the Robertson Valley lies Silverthorn wine estate.

A vineyard among only a handful of producers who’ve dedicated their expertise solely to producing the elegant Methode Cap Classique style of sparkling wine.

What is a Methode Cap Classique wine?

You’ve probably read a lot about the champagne / sparkling wine name debate before. And that’s exactly how the name Methode Cap Classique came about. 

You see, “in South Africa, a sparkling wine made in the traditional Champagne style is known as a Methode Cap Classique, or MCC,” explains wine-sa.com. This after the French trademarked the name Champagne for sparkling wines produced in the Champagne region.

But here’s the thing, just because MCCs aren’t called “Champagne”, doesn’t mean these sparkling wines are inferior to their French peers.

After all, South African winemakers “use traditional Champagne grape varieties,” when creating the MCCs adds the International Wine review.

And when it comes to locally produced MCCs, it doesn’t get better than those that  coming to us from Silverthorn Wines.

What’s so special about Silverthorn’s Methode Cap Classique wines?

It’s easy, says Richard Cranna, the head buyer behind the FSP Wine Club. Silverthorn only produces small quantities of each of its three Methode Cap Classique wines (around 2,800 cases a year) and each is outstanding!

And Cranna isn’t the only one to think so. In fact, all three of Silverthorn’s MCCs scored 4 stars or above in this year’s 2013 Platter's Guide.

Here’s why...

Introducing Silverthorn’s exquisite trio of MCCs

Silverthorn Wines produces an exciting range of three top-end MCCs:

Silverthorn’s Genie will literally carry your tastebuds away on a magical carpet ride. With an exotic bouquet of Turkish delight and rose water on the nose and taste of fresh raspberries and sherbet flavours on the palate, this exquisite sparkling wine pairs well with all things indulgent. Think Parma ham and red figs or strawberries with black pepper.

Silverthorn’s Green Man, on the other hand, has an earthier nose and palate. Its fresh aromas of green apple and acacia blossom are backed up by subtle hints of minerality and whiffs of freshly baked brioche, explains the vineyard’s website. This makes it perfect with freshly shucked oysters straight out of the sea.

And finally, ending off Silverthorn’s MCC trio is The Jewel Box. Characterised by its richness, opulence and complexity, The Jewel Box’s complex aromas of roasted almonds, marzipan and baked apples is unlike anything you’ve tasted. These flavours are followed by fresh citrus nuances that pair beautifully with roast quail and rich wild mushroom risotto or grilled game fish.

So there you have it, if you’re looking for sparkling wines that aren’t only produced in the classic French Champagne fashion, but are sure to wow your tastebuds (and guests), look no further than Silverthorn Methode Cap Classique wines. They’re a masterpiece!

Silverthorn MCCs - the perfect way to celebrate any occasion
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