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That's just Rosé!

by , 10 May 2013

There's no mistaking the seductive power of rosé. The popularity of pink wine has been on the rise internationally for quite some time, and this trend is not limited to just the ladies, although a little bit of pink bubbly will add a lot more happiness to this Mother's day on Sunday!

Rosé has come a long way from a reputation as cheap and cheerful sweet plonk for picnics.

There is now an amazing spectrum of ‘grown up’ styles from dry and delicate salmon pink hued savoury wines to ravishingly seductive and complex Cap Classique bubblies. The beauty of rosé is in its remarkable versatility making it a happy-go-lucky social drinking style, as well as being a comfortable companion with a variety of food.

This diversity of style and character is thanks to the many different grape varieties that may be used and the many ways rosé may be made:

Most rosé wines get their colour from a short spell soaking on red grape skins to extract a pink blush. The best of these are deliberately intended as a rosé style wine influencing practices in the vineyards as well as winemaking choices.

Saignée (or bleed-wine)
Often, a winemaker may make rosé from ‘bleed juice’ – a fraction of the must that is removed in an effort to encourage more concentration in the best reds in the cellar. This juice is usually subtly stained with a pale pink hue and redolently fruity for deliciously easy drinking without a thought. 

The most simple and usually less serious styles are created by simply blending a splash of red wine with white to add a blush of pink to the final wine. Most of the candied quaffers are engineered this way for simple drinking. Yet, this blending method is most used for the base wines of the finest champagne and bottle fermented sparkling wine too. Blending is preferred to preserve the light-footed grace and delicacy of the base wine that may otherwise be compromised by allowing contact with the tannins in grape skins.

From fun and frivolous to intricate and demure, rosé has a way of making everyone happy.

This Mother loves Pierre Jourdan Belle Rosé bubbly

At the perfect intersection of his philosophy of ‘Sun, Soil, Vine, Man’ is the irrepressible energy and exuberance of Haute Cabriere’s great patriarch Achim von Arnim captured in his charming and graceful Pierre Jourdan Belle Rosé Cap Classique bubbly.

It’s a joyful brut Rosé that is every bit as beautiful as it looks and simply bursts out the glass with vivacious crushed strawberry flavours supported by creamy intrigue and a dainty finish that begs for more. Achim is one of the original pioneers of bottle fermented bubbly in the Cape and is well known for his crazy antics with sabrage, the ceremonial way of opening bubbly with a sword. He named his bubbly range in honour of French Huguenot founder Pierre Jourdan who planted the first vines at the Haute Cabriere Estate in Franschhoek.

That's just Rosé!
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