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Three wine pairing tips that'll make your next braai spectacular!

by , 23 April 2014

Beer isn't the only drink you can enjoy at a braai. If your braai staples include beer, brandy and coke, you may want to try something new by bringing in different wines. Read on for advice on how to pair your wines for a good old South African braai this long weekend…
How you can pair your wine for a braai
Pairing wine for a braai isn’t as crazy as it may sound.  You probably enjoy eating braaied meat and drinking wine separately, so why not pair the two when you and your friends meet this long weekend?
Plus, serving wines at your next braai will bring a new element and make it more pleasurable!
You can ignore some rules of pairing wines by drinking what tastes good to you. You don’t always have to drink white wines with white meat, for example. 
But be careful as some combinations will leave a bitter taste in your mouth!
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Follow these wine pairing ideas for your next braai:
1. Wine pairing for red meat
Braai lover Jan Braai recommends a merlot as a classic wine to drink at a braai because it goes well with staples such as boerewors and most people like it.
2. Wine pairing for fish and chicken
A crisp, fruity wine like a sauvignon blanc goes well with fish and chicken, says Braai. Served cold, this wine is great with braaied snoek. 
A light, fruity red wine goes just as well with chicken, says redsimonsays.com
3. Wine pairing for salads
No braai is complete without a salad as a healthier side dish to go with all the meat!  A sauvignon blanc will go well with a crisp salad without heavy dressings. A chenin blanc, on the other hand, is best for a salad with a creamier and heavy dressing. 
Keep these basics in mind when pairing wine with food

Rich, creamy sauces will clash with acidic wines like a sauvignon blanc, says sawineindex.com, while the tannin in red wines will cleanse your palate if your food is fatty and heavy. 
You’ll most enjoy red wines served at room temperature. But hanging around the fire can ruin the taste of white wine. It’s best to keep white wines chilled in an ice bucket. 
Wine experts can tell you how best they think you can enjoy drinking wine. As useful as their guidelines are, how you enjoy your wine is up to you. Use these tips to know what to look for when pairing wines for your next celebration, but we’ll leave the enjoyment to you!

Three wine pairing tips that'll make your next braai spectacular!
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