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To find the perfect wine to drink with pizza, use these five food and wine pairing rules

by , 19 March 2014

Drinking wine isn't just for fancy dinners and nights out with your beloved. You can drink it at any meal - even with takeaway pizza. But to make sure you don't ruin the wine, you need to drink the right one. Here are five rules you can follow when pairing wine with pizza.

These five food and wine pairing rules will help you pick the best wine to go with your pizza

Wine pairing rule #1: Consider the cheese factor
There’s nothing yummier than eating a piece of cheesy pizza. But when it comes to picking a wine, a pizza with a high cheese content can be a nightmare to pair up. To cut through the fatty content, pick a wine with high acidity content. Think Sauvignon Blanc varietals.

Wine pairing rule #2: Don’t forget the topping
Like any other wine pairing, the topping you choose can swing your wine choice in the right direction. For example, says foodandwine.com, “good Chianti is savoury and spicy, so it's good with salty cured meats like prosciutto or peppery greens—or both together.”

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Wine pairing rule #3: Think Italian
It may sound too simplistic, but wines that come from the same area as the food you’re eating are made to complement the flavours. Since pizza is a tradition Italian dish, Italian wines have the right balance of flavours and body to compliment it.

Wine pairing rule #4: Don’t go for a strong, bold wines
“Pizza is a relatively simple dish, and good pizza only needs a few ingredients. This calls for wines that are not complicated or fussy, such as a high tannic Cabernet or a super sweet Riesling. Keep it simple when choosing wines. Think medium tannin and sweetness for the best results,” advises wine.answers.com.

Wine pairing rule #5: When it doubt, choose Cianti
Most pizzas are built upon a tomato base. And tomatoes are a pretty bold flavour. That’s why chef Fabio Viviani recommends Chianti. “It’s a great pair with dishes with tomato sauces, including pizza. For a pizza as a whole – not just tomato sauce, Chianti is a safe bet to go with, so keep that in mind.”

There you have it. Next time the waiter at your favourite pizzeria tells you they’ve run out of your favourite wine, don’t panic. Remember these tips and you’ll be surprised by how pairing the right wine with pizza brings its flavours alive.  

To find the perfect wine to drink with pizza, use these five food and wine pairing rules
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