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Vergelegen: A vineyard producing true legacy wines

by , 07 August 2013

Many wine collectors let quirky, modern branding seduce them into an inferior wine. But the true collector knows that wine with a legacy becomes more valuable with time. Here are the benefits of buying wine from a historically rich background, and why Vergelegen is a wine collector's dream…

When it comes to buying investment quality wines – wines that can go into your wine rack and impress your guests whenever you mention they’re there – they need something extra. They don’t just have to taste great, they also need to fulfill certain criteria – and one of those criteria is legacy. 

And when it comes to legacy, it doesn’t get better than Vergelegen …

Collectible wine truth: You can’t buy history

An estate can have the most high-tech machinery and impressive marketing, but you can’t buy history. The things that endure over generations are the most valuable. Like a precious antique, a fine wine only gets better with age.  A truly collectible wine needs to have a rich historical background.

Vergelegen Estate has been around for 300 years, making it one of the historical pillars of the SA wine industry. The wines from Vergelegen are truly collectible.

Years of experience translate to a better wine

Established and historical wine estates like Vergelegen have hundreds of years of winemaking experience. And they pour this experience generously into their wines.

Vergelegen’s 300 years of history doesn’t just add prestige. It really makes for a higher quality wine. Wine makers in a single estate pass on their knowledge and skills like precious heirlooms. By the time it reaches your lips, Vergelegen wine is the best it can be.

Strong roots make for an exceptional wine

Vergelegen has been an agricultural paradise since 1705. Willem Adriaan van der Stel, the governor of the Cape, took a special interest in the Vergelegen land. He transformed it from lush wilderness into an agricultural vision.

When land spends hundreds of years devoted to one purpose, that purpose becomes extraordinary. Vergelegen has the perfect land to grow extraordinary grapes.

But they don’t just cover every hectare of Vergelegen with vines. Vergelegen land is also home to the Bontebok Conservation Project. This shows that Vergelegen is wants to be a valuable part of the Cape’s natural glory for years to come.

Bottom line: Vergelegen is the very definition of a legacy wine

Vergelegen Estate is one of the oldest wine producers in South Africa. When you invest in Vergelegen wine, you get more than a collectible wine. You invest in a piece of South African history.

Not only does Vergelegen boast the internationally acclaimed Vergelegen V 2008, its entire range of wines benefit from its luxurious legacy.

By looking at a wine estate’s history, you can get a valuable glimpse into the quality of their wine – and Vergelegen’s history is as rich as its wine is desirable.

Vergelegen: A vineyard producing true legacy wines
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