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Wine investors listen up: Here are the top wine trends to follow in 2014

by , 05 March 2014

For most people, wine is just wine. They enjoy a glass or two with a meal and tend to stick to what they know. Not wine investors. Like normal investors, they try time the market to find the wine most likely to give them best return on their money. And in 2014, this is likely to come from the following two places…

Two 2014 wine trends you should pay attention to

It’s getting easier and easier to buy good wine at your local supermarket. But this is making things tough for a wine investor looking for a bargain. If that sounds like you, pay attention to these two trends – they’re where you’ll find real gems.

Wine trend #1:  2014 will be the year of innovation

The first thing foodie and wine lover, Jamie Oliver says you should look out for is niche wines and innovation. This because “there is massive clustering in terms of look and flavour in the wine category, and there’s little sign of real innovation aside from a few brave attempts with label design.”

Expect this change this year. Oliver believes 2014 will be the year that finally sees “some new brands with the courage to be genuinely innovative”. And that’s great news for wine investors with a nose for something new and the sense to put their money behind it.

Wine trend #2: Watch out for wines from the “ancient wine” countries

According to wine-searcher.com, expect to see a dip in the fine-wine market. This as the Big 5 (the Bordeaux first growths) or Great 8 (the first growths plus Ausone, Cheval Blanc and Pétrus) Bordeaux wines lose their lustre this year. This because emerging markets like China are driving growth for wines and here there’s a lot of interest being placed on the China fruit wine market.

In addition, Oliver adds that there’s a huge variety of interesting wines coming out of the Balkan or ‘ancient wine’ countries. “Georgia, Turkey, Serbia, Greece, Israel, Hungary, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Romania are all now making some really good wines […]. They have good stories to tell, interesting grape varieties and good terroirs. As they begin to get their viticulture, winemaking and marketing up to speed, they’ll find buyers.”

Abi Hirshfeld, wine director, Laithwaite’s Wine agrees and adds that there are some “exciting new wines from Transylvania”.

This isn’t a bad thing though. Play your cards right, and you may be able to pick up some BIG name fine wines at far cheaper prices than you’ve paid in years.

So there you have it. Just like with any market, there are a variety of trends that determine what will and won’t influence prices. And when it comes to wine investments, these wine trends are what you need to look for.

Wine investors listen up: Here are the top wine trends to follow in 2014
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