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13 Quick Questions Jim needed answers to before he joined Red Hot Storm Trader

by , 20 May 2020
13 Quick Questions Jim needed answers to before he joined Red Hot Storm Trader
“Hi Timon, I'd like to bank an extra income a month while I'm in lock down… I am a 52 year old male and I would like to leave quarantine with a strong foundation with trading and maybe even a decent amount of income.

Before I join would like to ask you just 13 quick questions.
Please can you answer them briefly.”

~ Jim P

NOTE: You'll find the answers below each question…

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Q1. What is Red Hot Storm Trader?
Red Hot Storm Trader is an online email and SMS service that provides real-time trade ideas to help anyone learn and profit from local stocks and indices using a proven two-decade old proven and profitable breakout trading strategy.
Q2. What do I get when I sign up?
• Minimum of 8 trades a quarter
• Via SMS and Email
• A trade update on how your current shares are performing
• 1 X Successful trading report
• 1 X CFD risk calculator
• VIP Chatroom
Q3. Who is the analyst?
Timon Rossolimos – 18 years’ experience and head of the trading for FSPInvest since 2013.
Q4. What will I be trading?
Local JSE Top 40 companies and indices
Q5. What instrument will I trade?
CFDs or Spread Trading
Q6. How much time do I need?
5 minutes a week to action a trade idea.
Q7. How much money do I need?
R1,000 to R5,00 to start.
R10,000 and up if you’re a serious trader
Q8. What If I don’t have money?
Trade on a demo-account, until you have saved a bit of money to trade
Q9. What device do I need?
Anything: Tablet, phone, laptop or computer
Q9. Which brokers should I use?
We give you a FREE recommended broker letter for you two choose from two reputable and registered brokers
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Q10. What DON’T I need?
Study a chart
Buy any special software
Have a high education
Have a lot of money
Q11. What trading strategy does Timon use?
A high probability break-out pattern share trading strategy with strict money management rules.
Q12. Is there a Money Back Guarantee?
Yes – 90 Days to ask for a full refund
Q13. How much does it cost?
R3,700 per year
R925 per quarter
Trade well,
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader

13 Quick Questions Jim needed answers to before he joined Red Hot Storm Trader
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