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5 Industries I'm buying during the COVID-19 Pandemic

by , 29 July 2020
5 Industries I'm buying during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Q. “With the number of infection and death rates picking up, there are talks that the second Coronavirus wave has already started. I'd like to know if there are any specific industries you're looking at buying which don't have a major effect on the pandemic?”

A. Yes, I have seen the COVID-19 levels up as well. I believe this is due to, countries opening the economies, allowing trade and travel and also just plain complacency.  
Unfortunately, I think we are still far away from any improvements.
And so, here are 5 main industries I will be looking at buying during the pandemic.
Industry #1: Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals
These are the two main industries, that will take us out of this pandemic era.
First, pharmaceuticals will continue to drive up demand as more masks, medical gear, medicines, and sanitizers are needed.
Second, with bio-technology (which is a combination of Biology + Technology), they’ll eventually release the much needed COVID-19 vaccinations, home tests and improved drugs to the world.
The companies I’ll be looking at to buy are: Johnson and Johnson, Aspen, GlaxoSmithKiline, Pfizer and Novartis.
Industry #2: Online shopping and delivery
COVID-19 has brought a new level of fear, the world has ever seen.
More people are forcing themselves to stay at home and avoid being in public places.
This means, they’ll be resorting to more online shopping methods and deliveries.
This includes shopping for groceries, food, clothes, technology, software and apps.
The companies I’ll be keeping an eye to buy are: Amazon, EBay, Shopify and Uber Eats.
Industry #3: Online content
If I were to sum up the entertainment for 2020 and beyond in one word, it’ll have to be - ONLINE…
The pandemic has put a lot of entertainment events on hold including: sports, concerts, movies and gatherings.
And so, there is a major surge for demand for online streaming content.
This includes gaming, streaming movies and series, social media and virtual live gatherings… In fact, during the lockdown we’ve seen sales more than double with PlayStation and X Box.
I’ll be most definitely buying companies like: Apple, Microsoft and Nvidia.
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Industry #4: Extended Reality
South Africa has been lagging big time when it comes to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (Aka Extended Reality).
However, as the technology becomes more readily available, accessible and affordable – we’ll see this industry BOOM.
I am a big fan of Virtual Reality.
I attend and host live trading and social events in the virtual world on a weekly basis with one software app called AltspaceVR.
And I can already understand and see how America and the UK are integrating this form of technology into their daily lives.
I believe when the new Oculus Quest is released and when Facebook launches their Horizon Virtual Reality, South Africa will quickly play catch up with this much needed technology.
Before you know it, you’ll be immersed into the VR world.
And so, the main companies I’ll be buying with extended reality are Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Tencent and Qualcomm.
Industry #5: Crypto-currencies
Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the crypto-currencies that have rallied, since the nationwide lockdown began in March.
Why? Well, blockchain brokers are popping up everywhere in the world, we are seeing the technology become more accessible and easier to operate.
Cryptos are also quite independent to COVID-19 and have little effect on the general stock markets.
With more investors and traders entering the crypto world, we can only expect this industry to boom.
I’ll be looking to buy mainly these crypto currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash and Litecoin.
Q. “I have written down a couple of crypto-currency abbreviations and acronyms in the last three weeks. Could you please in short, tell me what they stand for?
The words are DYOR, FUD, HODL, Dapps, BTFD” I tried to look on the internet but I keep getting different answers from different places.
Thank you.
A. Sure, below are what the following words stand for.
DYOR – Do your own research
FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, and doubt
HODL – Hold onto Dear Life
ALTCOIN – This is not an acronym or abbreviation, but rather a name for any Cryptocurrency besides Bitcoin
Dapps – This is not an acronym or abbreviation, but instead a short way of saying Decentralised Apps.
BTFD – Buy the f*ing dip (advice to buy when crypto prices have declined)
Trade well,
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader 
P.S: Now that you are clued up with some of the crypto lingo, why not take a stab at Sam Volkering’s new FREE book “The Crypto Revolution”.

5 Industries I'm buying during the COVID-19 Pandemic
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