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How to calculate the Dividend Per Share using Google

by , 08 July 2020
How to calculate the Dividend Per Share using Google
Q. “In a recent article by Francois Joubert, he gave us a tutorial on how to calculate the dividend yield and the dividend cover ratio. Unfortunately, the only place I have to see the shares data is on Google. My question is, can I calculate the Dividend Per Share with the information Google provides or do I need to download a new software?”

A. Yes you can calculate the Dividend Per Share using Google.
Just to re-cap, for the new readers out there.
The Dividend Per Share (DPS) is simply a certain amount of money that a company pays out to its shareholders for each share they own.
Now in school and by textbook, we learn that the DPS formula is the following:
DPS = Annual Dividends ÷ Number of shares
But the problem is, Google doesn’t show the number of shares in issue or the annual dividends paid.
So, we’ll need to look at another formula…
Here’s an example to explain this in simple terms.
Let’s say we own 500 Discovery Limited shares on the JSE and we want to calculate the Dividends Per Share and the amount of money we should receive in dividends.
Here are three steps to calculate the Dividend Per Share using Google.
Step #1: Search the company share price ticker name
We’ll simply type in “JSEDSY” in Google.
This is the ticker code for the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) – Discovery Limited (DSY).
Once we’ve typed “JSEDSY” click enter and the following will pop up.   
Step #2: Find two prices
Next we’ll need two prices to calculate the Dividend Per Share.
First is the previous closing price which you can find on the right side of the chart. Which in this case is 10 550 or R105.50.
Second, we’ll need the Div. Yield. Which if you look at the top right of the information panel you’ll see is 0.021%.
Step #3: Calculate the Dividend Per Share
Now, we’ll simply plug in those two values into the following formula.
Dividend Per Share = (Closing price X Dividend Yield)
                            = (R105.50 X 0.021%)
                            = R2.21
Step #4: Calculate the full value of dividends you’ll receive
Now you’ll simply multiply the Dividend Per Share by the amount of shares you own.
Dividends received = (No. shares X Dividend Per Share)
                            = (500 X R2.21)
                            = R1,107.75
Now you have a good idea on how to calculate the DPS, and the amount of dividends you’ll receive using Google.
NOTE: The closing price and the dividend yield will continue to change. So make sure you check on the relevant day, when you do your calculations.
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Q. “I heard that crypto-currencies are the next best thing for investing in and banking dividends. Could you please provide a few crypto currency companies that pay dividends?”
A. Sure, I’ve seen more and more investors looking at diversifying their money in the crypto space in order to bank monthly and quarterly dividends.
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Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader 
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How to calculate the Dividend Per Share using Google
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