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How you can let a Forex robot make you money!

by , 08 October 2020
How you can let a Forex robot make you money!
Q. “Hi Timon, I have a full time job and three kids. However I want to make money trading. One way I thought of how to do this, is to be a Forex EA. I was wondering if you can direct me to some charting platforms that can do the trick?”

A. Ahhh, so you want to let a Forex robot make you money?
This is probably one of the cleverest ways to make consistent money as a trader with little effort…
Before I make some suggestions, first I have to explain what a Forex EA is for my readers.
An EA stands for (Expert Advisor). This is basically an automated system which watches the markets for you and shows you entry and exit signals based on the criteria you set.
I believe as artificial intelligence and machine-learning picks up in the near future, we’ll all be able to automate our systems. And this includes my 19 year MATI Trader System.
There are only a few charting platforms that I believe are up to scratch with their automated signals.
Here are my top 5:
1.   IG Markets
2.   MetaTrader
3.   Omnitrader
4.   Amibroker
5.   Metastock
I actually, will be looking to write more about EA trading in the near future so keep reading Trading Tips!

The Brutal Truth About What
Successful Traders Want
Take a guess?
Money? Cars? First Class plane tickets?
No… This is NOT what successful traders want.
You can achieve this through a normal 9-5 job….
You can achieve this through saving money for years on end.
You can achieve this from starting your own business and working your way up…
Successful traders want something far deeper and MUCH more meaningful…
The MATI Trader System is JUST what I needed!
“I used the famous MATI Trader System and threw in two moving averages to my trading strategy. Timon I think my system will outperform yours now. The MATI Trader programme is JUST what I needed to complete my system.”
~ Harry S
Timon’s reply:
That is exactly what the MATI Trader System is there for Harry!
You are combining your strategy with mine, to fit your trading personality, risk profile and your trading goals…
I can’t wait to hear how it performs over the next year.
And might I say, I might do some back-testing with Moving Averages as well. Good on you!
The “Future of Finance” will be built on top of this Crypto!
‘Decentralisation' is a word you constantly hear throughout the crypto world. And there's a good reason for this…
It forms the foundation of everything in crypto.
The idea that you don't need to rely on a central authority to make things work - be they financial transactions, contracts, proof of ownership, proof of identity… anything - is what crypto is all about.
And that's where DeFi or ‘decentralised finance' comes in…
Just as bitcoin allows you to make payments without a bank, DeFi allows you to create an entire financial system without banks or central authorities.
And this could overtake every area of traditional finance, because it makes things cheaper and more efficient.
That’s why I’ve put all the details of these three crypto companies into a special report, titled The Three digital currencies set to ride the next crypto wave!
Q. “Hello Timon Rossolimos, before I own the MATI Trader System Programme, I would like to know one thing. Will you show us in the videos and book how we can generate a capital when the market runs up and falls down?”
Hi Ron…
Yes absolutely. You’ll see in the programme that I only show you how to trade CFDs and spread trading.
These are instruments where we are exposed to the assets where we can profit in both rising and falling markets.
This means, we can buy low and sell high for a profit. Or we can sell high and buy low for a profit…
NOTE: You’ll learn how trading CFDs and spread betting differs from the conventional ways of trading shares.
It’s easier however to explain visually, as you can see below.
Buy low – Sell high – PROFIT
You’ll either buy the CFD or go long a spread trade based on the market you’re trading at a LOWER price, with the speculation that you’ll sell it at a HIGHER price for a profit.
This is also known as buying or “going long” a market.
Sell high – Buy low - PROFIT
The other method is where you’ll sell a CFD or go short a spread trade based on the market you’re trading at a HIGHER price, with the idea that the price will drop, where you’ll re-buy it at a LOWER price for a profit.
This method is also known as selling or “going short” a market.
Everything you need to know about profiting on the upside and downside, will be found and explained easily in the MATI Trader System Programme.
Trade well, 
Timon Rossolimos,
MATI Trader System

How you can let a Forex robot make you money!
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