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My 3 top reasons I've been a breakout trader for the past 18 years

by , 30 October 2019
My 3 top reasons I've been a breakout trader for the past 18 years
Q. “Timon I see with Trading Tips, Red Hot Storm Trader and with the MATI Trader System Programme, that you're a strong advocate when it comes to breakout trading patterns. Could you tell me a few reasons why you love breakout trading so much?”

A. A trading style is something you need to explore and it should suit your personality and risk profile.
When it comes to breakout trading, I have three main reasons why I have chosen this style over everything in the last 18 years.
Reason #1: You’ll know exactly what to wait for
Whenever I open my trading platform and charts, I know exactly what to watch and wait for. Basically, I have five very simple patterns that all work on the same principles.
The wait (Where I wait for a pattern to form)
The breakout (Where I wait for the price to break above or below a certain level.)
The open (Where once the price opens above or below that level, that gives me the signal to buy or sell.)
Once I have found a strong buying or selling pattern, I follow these three steps each time as a breakout trader, and follow the direction of a breakout until it hits my take profit level.
This form of trading has made the process a whole lot easier, than by looking at a whole bunch of indicators, news and other factors.

Reason #2: You’ll be able to profit in rising or falling markets
The most profitable reason to become a breakout trader is you’re able to ride the direction of the trend as high or low as you want.
This is explained in detail in the second part of the MATI Trader System Programme
Reason #3: You’ll know where to place your trading levels
Once you have the pattern form, breakout and you have your entry signal, you’ll know exactly where to place your stop loss (risk level) or where to place your take profit (reward level).
Obviously, there is a lot more to this but I just wanted to give you a taste of my three favourite reasons for being a breakout trader.

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What a loyal Trading Tips reader has to say:
Oh my goodness. Thank you for the excellent content that was provided through the MATI Trader System Programme.
I am excited to let you know that two trades have lined up already on gold and Aspen and I know exactly where to get in, set up my trading levels and know what risk to take.
What a pleasure it was to find such a programme, after looking for so long.
Bless you MATI Trader.
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Q. When I get home from work, it is sometimes the only time I can actually set up a trade with Red Hot Storm Trader and Pickpocket Trader.
I have two questions regarding this way of trading…
1. Do I need to set up the trade the next day when the stock market opens only?
2. If I set up the trade at night, for the next day, do I need to keep my internet connection on throughout the night?
Knowing this will help my process with the trader services with peace of mind. Thank you in advance.
A. I’ll answer these questions in number form.
1. No you may prepare and execute your trading order when you get home or any time, whether the stock market is opened or not.
The way it works is that when you execute an order into the market, all you’re doing is sending a simple instruction saying…
For a long (Buying) CFD trade:
If (X Share) trades through Y price, buy (Z amount of CFDs the share is based on).
For a short (selling) CFD trade:
If (X share) trades through Y price, SELL (Z amount of CFDs the share is based on).
2. You’ll be happy to know that as soon as you take the trading order and you get a notification telling you it’s been accepted; it’s already logged into the trading platform.
This means, you most definitely do not need to keep your internet connection on after you’ve made and executed your trading order.
Trade well,
Timon Rossolimos,
Founder, MATI Trader System
P.S: Looks like you only have one week left until my publisher decides to take the MATI Trader System programme off the market due to scheduling reasons. This is probably your last chance to own it…

My 3 top reasons I've been a breakout trader for the past 18 years
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