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Q&A: 5 Top Cannabis stocks to trade and 1 JSE listed stock that's entered the marijuana market

by , 21 August 2019
Q&A: 5 Top Cannabis stocks to trade and 1 JSE listed stock that's entered the marijuana market
Q. "Hi Timon thanks for the Cannabis article! It really seems like this is the new mainstream way of investing in the near future thanks to legislative changes in the US, Canada and now South Africa. Would you perhaps know the most popular and most traded cannabis stocks to trade offshore? With the rate that the JSE has been crashing, it might be a good hedge investment opportunity."

A. It can be quite overwhelming to choose out of the thousands of cannabis companies that have just appeared out of nowhere.
However I do have five companies in mind that are the most talked about, invested and largest in the world according to source: CannabisMarketCap.io.
Here they are in order:
#1: Canopy Growth Corp (CGC)
With the highest market capitalization world-wide at $9.7 billion, this stock listed on the NASDAQ specialises in research and development of cannabis. 
#2: The Scotts Miracle-gro (SME)
Listed on the NASDAQ and with a market cap of $6.1 billion this company is focussed on the preservation of the environment. They supply lawn, garden, and outdoor living products and services. 
#3: Aurora Cannabis (ABC)
With a market cap at $5.98 billion, you'll find this cannabis producing company on the NASDAQ.
#4: GW Pharmaceuticals Corp
With a market cap of $4.7 billion, you'll find this distribution of their plant-derived cannabinoid medication company also on the NASDAQ.
#5: Cronos Group (CRON)
With a market cap of $4 billion, you'll find this major cannabis distributor and grower listed on the Nasdaq.
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Q. "I am very interested to start investing in the marijuana industry however, I don't want to trade international stocks. Do you know any companies listed on the JSE that invest in or are there any future cannabis opportunities for South Africa?"
A. What was a controversial topic back then with weed and marijuana, whether it was for medical or recreational purposes is now, after the last decade, slowly being accepted and legalised through a lot of countries.
The opportunities to invest in South African cannabis stocks are very few other than Anheuser Busch where you can read all about it here.
However, I am sure this is going to change very soon as the first license has been awarded to the government. 
In fact, the largest weed company in the world - Canopy Growth – has holdings already in Lesotho and is looking to expand their operations into South Africa as soon as possible as South Africa has a huge market for weed-related products.
They said it was "strategically positioned for the future medical cannabis economy of Southern Africa … including the potential market of SA".
Keep reading Trading Tips and the South African Investor and you'll be sure to hear of the breaking news with the cannabis opportunities and opinions.
Before you know it, we will be investing in large cannabis corporations while sipping on marijuana beer…
Trade well,
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader

Q&A: 5 Top Cannabis stocks to trade and 1 JSE listed stock that's entered the marijuana market
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