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The 5 Top Stocks in 3 Growing Industries

by , 26 September 2019
The 5 Top Stocks in 3 Growing Industries
Q. "Hi Timon, I'm looking to expand the number of international shares to trade. I have seen through Real Wealth and Trading Tips that there are a number of growing industries in the world. Three that come to mind include: Artificial Intelligence, Electric Cars and Renewable Energy... Could you name a few of the large names that make up these industries so that I can add these shares to my watch list?"
A. I will list the top five shares with each industry that I look at…
Industry 1 - Artificial Intelligence Stocks:
2. IBM (IBM)
Industry 2 - Electric Cars Stocks:
2. NIO (NIO)
Industry 3 - Renewable Energy Stocks:
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Q. "Good day Timon. When I place a trade it asks for the volume I would like to buy. Could you please explain what 'Volume' value they are talking about as I do not want to make a mistake?"
A. Depending on the trading platform you're using, there are only two volume numbers I am aware of when you trade.
The first type is the number of shares available to buy according to the bid (buy) and offer (sell) at any one time.
The second 'volume' value, most probably relates to buying or selling shares through 'Spread Trading'.
On your trading platform such as GT247.com or MetaTrader, 'Volume' in this case is also known as the 'Risk per cent move'.
If you choose a 'volume' of 1 cent risk per 1 cent move, this means every 1 cent the share price moves against or for you, you'll lose or gain 1 cent.
However, if you choose a volume of 100 cents (R1), then for every 1 cent the share moves against or for you, you'll lose or gain 100 cents.
And if the share price moves 50 cents against your preferred direction, you'll be down on your portfolio 5,000 cents (100 cents risk per 1 cent move X 50 cents move in trade).
To conclude the two main volume numbers that are available to trade.
1. Volume can either show you the number of available shares to buy or sell at a specific price
2. Volume is the chosen “Risk per cent move” you'll choose when you Spread Trade.
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Q. "If I would like to calculate the market capitalisation of an international share such as Wal-Mart, is there a way I can do it manually?"
A. Yes most definitely...
In fact, last week PickPocket Trader sent out a trade by going long (buying) Wal-Mart and so this is a perfect example which we can use to calculate the market capitalisation.
Let's start with what it is.
The market capitalisation of a share is the value of a company that is traded on the stock market. It is calculated by multiplying the total number of shares by the most current share price.
The easiest way to calculate the market capitalisation of a share like Wal-Mart is to use Google. Type in "Wal-Mart Shares Info" and you'll see the share chart as well as the 'Shares Volume and its current share price.
The current share price is trading at $116.98 and the total volume of shares are at 2,945,000,000.
This means the market capitalisation for Wal-Mart is at $344,506,100,000. If you'd like to calculate what that value is in rands you'll just multiply it by the USD/ZAR which is currently at R14.90.
Trade well,
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader
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The 5 Top Stocks in 3 Growing Industries
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