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Why a Joe Biden administration is good for a global and local market rally!

by , 10 December 2020
Why a Joe Biden administration is good for a global and local market rally!
“Timon since Joe Biden won the elections, do you think it is another reason why we can expect the American markets to help the JSE rally from here?”

A. Oh absolutely… In fact, when Joe Biden won the elections, that week was the start of both a local and global rally.
And in just one month, the JSE and the American markets broke out of their downtrend, and have been edging up ever since…
The question is why does the market favour a Joe Biden win above Trump?
I would say, investors anticipate there'll be a better trade relationship with China and the United States.  
This means we could finally start to see an end of the ongoing trade-war.
And this will lead to less red-tape, unnecessary costs, less restrictions on tax, air-freight, cargo and other shipping costs…
Here’s what Shaun Roache, Asia-Pacific chief economist at S&P Global Ratings had to say
“We expect a Biden administration to adopt a more predictable and multilateral economic and financial China strategy,”
These are all good signals for an increase in trading goods which will benefit the US economy.
Also when Joe Biden won the election, there was an announcement that another stimulus package could be on the way.
This will lead to more jobs, more efficient business operations and a higher GDP for the American economy.   
And with the US being a leading market, when they rally so will we… And if you read my article on Monday, you’ll see more reasons why I am super bullish for upside to come with the JSE…
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Q. “Hi Timon, Pickpocket Trader was the step I needed in the right direction to dip my toes in the global financial markets.
However, I am now ready to invest my funds offshore with other brokers.
When I sign up with a broker what are the main financial regulatory agencies that I should make sure they are backed by?”
A. Hi Gerald,
Well, there’s a new benefit for joining Pickpocket Trader that I never even thought about.
I’m glad, it has opened other doors and ideas to help you on the path of investing offshore… To get back to your question… This is very important.
It purely depends on which country and where the broker is based.
If you’re in South Africa you’ll look at brokers who are approved and authorized by the FSB (Financial Services Board). If you scroll down their website you should see it in the footer.
For example, here’s where it says it with Rand Swiss (one of our recommended brokers)…
Here is a list of seven of the main financial regulatory agencies that are backed with strict regulatory enforcement in other countries…
USA (SEC) – Securities And Exchange Commission
Eurozone (MiFID) – Markets In Financial Instruments Directive
UK (FCA) – Financial Conduct Authority
Australia  (ASIC) – Australian Securities and Investments Commission
India (SEBI) – Securities and Exchange Board of India
Japan (JSDA) – Japan Securities Dealers Association
Switzerland (FINMA) – Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority
Trade well,
Timon Rossolimos,
Managing Editor, Trading Tips

Why a Joe Biden administration is good for a global and local market rally!
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