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Why you should buy low, buy higher and sell at the highest

by , 31 July 2019
Why you should buy low, buy higher and sell at the highest
Q. "I've been following PickPocket Trader service for a few months and I must say I'm happy about the four winning trades in a row. I find that Trader X has a strategy where he likes holding onto trades for several weeks. However, I would like to incorporate a strategy alongside with his and would like to hear what you think…

Essentially, I'll buy at the price Trader X sends out, and if the market moves in my favour, I will then buy more at a higher price. This way I'll have a higher exposure where I will bank double the profits than if I only bought one lot of CFDS. Is this a smart move and could you give an example on what my entry price will end off as? Thank you in advance."

A. I like to call the strategy 'Buy low, buy higher and sell highest'.
But on the internet you’ll see that the more popular term they call this strategy is where you 'scale in or scale out'.
I believe it is a strategy that can work very well and in your favour as long as you have strict entry and money management rules in place.
This technique is mostly used when a trader holds onto a medium-term trade (few weeks) and may like to 'scale' or buy more of their position in order to bank more profits when they sell their double exposed position.
The easiest way I can explain scaling in, is with an example.
Example: Scaling In
On day 1, Jim decides to buy 100 CFDs of a company at $50.00 per share and he sets his take profit price at $80.00 per share. 
After two weeks, the share price climbs to $60 per share. Jim feels confident with his position and decides to 'scale in' or buy another 100 CFDs at the higher price of $60.00.
As Jim scaled in with equal sizes of the position, his entry price would have moved up from his original price. 
This is also called a ‘new scaled average entry price’.
To calculate the ‘new scaled average entry price’, you'll use this easy calculation.
New scaled average entry price = (Original buying price + Scaled in price) ÷ 2
                                                    = ($50 + $6) ÷ 2
                                                    = $55.
This takes Jim's new scaled average entry price to $55.
If the trade hits the take profit level, Jim will bank over double the amounts of profits with his scaled in position than if he stuck to his original 100 CFDs position.
Before you implement this, I have three tips which may help optimise the scaling in strategy.
Tip 1. Make sure you buy equal sizes of CFDs at a time to help make it easier to calculate and to keep consistent.
Tip 2. Make sure you never deposit more than 5% of your portfolio per trade position as scaling in could be dangerous should the trade turn against you. 
Tip 3. Have a consistent rule to know when you'll scale in with each trade you take.
This will help you track a mechanical, no questions asked trading strategy. 
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Why you should buy low, buy higher and sell at the highest
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