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Your Top 15 Questions Answered about the VIP Pickpocket Trader service!

by , 22 April 2021
Your Top 15 Questions Answered about the VIP Pickpocket Trader service!
Q1. What is Pickpocket Trader?

The Pickpocket Trader service is an online email and SMS based service where Trader X pinpoints high profitable live trading ideas from international stocks and Forex currencies to private traders in South Africa.
Q2. What do I get when I sign up?
More than 8 LIVE trade alerts per quarter
Exact entry and exit price levels with easy & illustrated chart setups 
Trade updates
Actionable emails to lock in profits and minimize losses
Watch out for new HOT trade ideas for week 
1 X The Essential Guide to Financial Pickpocket Trading (PDF)
How to set up an account, trade it and profit from Trader X’s – 16 year old winning pickpocket trading strategies. 
1 X Recommended Broker & Charting platform
Know the best, highly regulated and most cost-efficient brokers to maximise your profits with Pickpocket Trader.
Potential R14,050, R6,250 even R5,450 Payday lined up!
This system is tripling returns left and right
Trader X has closed out eight winners and just two losers in the last 90 days.
Generating quick paydays of R14,050, R6,250 even R5,450... in less than one month or less. 
He’s revealing the secrets behind these fast-moving plays in this special presentation which you can preview here.

Q3. Who is the analyst?
Trader X – an external analyst with 16 years’ experience.
Q4. What will I be trading?
Top currency pairs and international stocks
Q5. What instrument will I trade?
Mini CFDs
Q6. How much time do I need?
7 minutes a week to action a trade
Q7. How much money do I need?
R1,500 to start.
R10,000 if you’re a serious trader
Q8. What if I don’t have any money?
Trade on a demo-account, until you do.
Q9. What device do I need?
Anything: Tablet, phone, laptop or computer
Q10. Which brokers should I use?
We give you a FREE recommended broker letter for you two choose from highly reputable and registered brokers
Q11: What DON’T I need?
~ Study a chart
~ Buy any special software
~ Have a high education
~ Have a lot of money
Q12: What strategy does Trader X use?
A low risk, high reward fundamental and technical price chart strategy combined with strict money management rules.
Q13: Is there a Money Back Guarantee?
Yes – 90 Days to ask for a full refund
‘The next dash from cash has begun…'
In 2020, the ‘cash is trash’ trend sent gold, tech stocks and cryptos soaring…
Today, you’ll discover a roadmap for what could boom next — including what to invest in now!
Q14: How much does it cost?
R3,700 per year
R925 per quarter
Q15: How Do I join Pickpocket Trader today?
First, You can sign up immediately by clicking here
Second, you can read more about Pickpocket Trader by going here… 
Third, you can send a blank email to u s at info@fsp.co.za
Trade well, 
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader 

Your Top 15 Questions Answered about the VIP Pickpocket Trader service!
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